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Attorney Shawn James Haff and his team of Criminal Defense Lawyers offer exceptional criminal defense to individuals charged with crimes in Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan. Shawn and his team works diligently to protect your rights and to ensure that the best results are achieved in every case. If you are charged with Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving, Felony OWI, Retail Fraud, Criminal Sexual Conduct or  Shoplifting, Shawn James Haff is the Criminal Defense Attorney you need on your side! Shawn and his team of attorneys can also help you get an Expungement of your criminal record. Do you need help getting back on the road after losing your privilege to drive? Shawn’s office also has Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers who would love to help you! 

Your reputation, freedom, and job are on the line. Being accused of a crime affects your whole family. You need help – now. Count on a lawyer skilled and experienced in and out of the courtroom. We have nearly 15 years of experience helping people just as yourself. There are a lot of attorneys. Make sure you select a criminal defense lawyer who has a reputation for being skilled at his craft and is experienced.  Do not hire another lawyer without talking to Shawn first! Shawn is an exceptional lawyer who is regarded as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Kent County, Michigan.  Shawn won’t judge you and he’ll make you feel like you are his only client when it comes to customer service.  Most other lawyers fail miserably when it comes to the customer service aspect of their job.  Shawn has an impeccable record of getting outstanding results for his clients. 

Never go to court alone and never plead guilty at your arriagnment.  Always talk with a criminal defense attorney before going to court. Usually either the charge itself can be reduced or one of the criminal charges dropped. Your rights will be protected, and Shawn will raise effective defenses, file appropriate motions, and protect your Constitutional rights. Shawn will get you the best results possible in Grand Rapids and all courtrooms in West Michigan. Do not face drunk driving, domestic violence, shoplifting or criminal sexual conduct charges without a Criminal Defense Attorney like Shawn by your side! Our criminal defense lawyers in Grand Rapids know the courts inside and out. We are held in high regard as criminal defense lawyers by local judges and prosecutors in all courtrooms in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Kent County, Michigan. 

Prosecutors will attempt to influence a defendant who has been arrested for the first time, by telling them that if they take a plea deal the charges will “go away.”  Of course, if a person doesn’t have one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the area like Shawn Haff by their side, they won’t be told how much of a negative impact a criminal conviction will have on a person’s record. 

For example, if you plea guilty to a first offense DUI, you will have a criminal conviction on your record for at least five years and lose your license.  A felony conviction will keep you from getting professional licenses and getting promotions at work. Never leave your future to chance! Never! The reality is that there is no such things a minor criminal conviction or charge.  These charges will negatively impact your life for many years. Shawn wants to help you get the best result possible. Contact him now at 616-438-6719. Let him expertly guide you through the process so you can make informed and intelligent decisions about your future. 

Need legal help fast? Our Grand Rapids DUI defense attorney answers to calls and texts 24/7. Shawn will help you get the best results possible and be with you every step of the way. To request your consultation with DUI attorney Shawn Haff, call 616-438-6719.

We also have the best domestic violence lawyer to defend those facing these serious charges. Shawn is dedicated to protecting his client’s rights and future. Our expert Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyer helps you understand the seriousness of the charges you are facing and also knows how to get the best results possible. 

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Why You Should Hire Criminal Defense Attorney Shawn Haff

What Sets Us Apart From Other Criminal Defense Attorneys


The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case, but we work hard for the results we have achieved for our clients.


Our retainer is affordable compared to the exorbitant prices other lawyers and law firms charge for their retainers.


People who contact me always feel nervous, lost and want answers to their questions. I will take the time needed to answer all of your questions and diligently work on easing your concerns.


All people make mistakes. I will never judge you and am only here to help. I take pride in helping hard-working people in West Michigan find their way through complicated and intimidating situations.


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“Shawn provided fair and knowledgeable legal support for me in what could have turned out to be a very bad situation. Thanks Shawn!”
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Best defense attorney! Shawn is professional and easy to work with. Very fast when answering messages. He takes immediate action, is prompt, and personable. He will fight for you to get you your justice. If you want someone who goes above and beyond Shawn is who you want! HIGHLY recommend!
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Shawn returned our first phone call ten minutes after we contacted him. We were in his office to consult 3 hours later. He is well versed in criminal law, kind and very intelligent. He always responded in a professional manner, and presented a well thought out defense. Everything he told us came to fruition. If Shawn tells you he will do something for your case, it will get done in a timely manner. He cares about the best outcome for every client he takes on. Because he limits the number of clients that he takes on, every case gets his full attention. I would recommend him highly.

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Wyoming, Kentwood, Forest Hills, Grandville, Grand Rapids, Cutlerville, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Coopersville, Greenville, Lowell, Comstock Park, Holland, Allendale, Ada, PlainfieldWalker and Rockford

Allegan County, Barry County, Berrien County, Ionia County, Muskegon County, Ottawa County, Van Buren County, Kalamazoo County, Newaygo CountyMontcalm County

You can find all the areas we serve here or call us at 616-438-6719.  When you are looking for the best criminal defense lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, call Shawn now! Shawn will get you the best results possible when you are facing Drunk Driving, Driver’s License Restoration, Domestic Violence, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Rape, Retail Fraud or Shoplifting charges. Shawn can help you get an Expungement of your criminal record. Shawn is one of best lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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How to Find Shawn

Our office is located off of 44th Street about 15 Minutes from the Kent County Court House, the 17th Circuit Court and the 61st District Court in Downtown Grand Rapids.  We are 20 minutes away from the Gerald R Ford Airport.  The best directions to get to our office from Grand Rapids is to take US 131 South to 44th Street. Turn right and drive about 6 miles down the road. Our office is in a building on the right side of 44th Street.