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Holland, Michigan is a beautiful city that as a rich Dutch heritage. Sadly, the Holland, Michigan police department has a bad reputation for violating people’s civil rights. If you are arrested for any criminal charge in Holland, Michigan you need to contact The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today and talk to Shawn or one of his Holland Criminal Defense Attorneys now at 616-438-6719. 

We have the experience and the knowledge to get you results!  The judges in this district court are fair. The chief district court judge in this district court is Bradley S. Knoll. The other district court judge in Holland is Susan A. Jonas. Judge Knoll was elected to his office in 2003. He is an outstanding and fair judge who understands that sometimes good people make mistakes. He will be up for election again in 2020. Judge Jonas is also a fair and good judge. She has served on the court since 1993! Both judges believe in the sobriety court they offer!

The Ottawa County Prosecutor’s office can be tough to deal with sometimes.  Do not face the Ottawa County Prosecutor’s office by yourself in Holland!  You need one of our criminal defense lawyers by your side! The city attorney in Holland Michigan is reasonable as is the city attorney in Zeeland. If you are facing misdemeanor charges that originated in the city of Holland or Zeeland, you will be dealing with a city attorney. If you are facing a felony charge you will be working with the county prosecutor and you absolutely need to have a Holland Criminal Defense Attorney by your side!

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Recent Holland Results

October 17th, 2016

We love getting misdemeanor charges dropped and this is what happened at the 58th district court in Holland, Michigan.

We had our client admit responsibility for a civil infraction when he was charged with the misdemeanor of the use of fireworks while intoxicated. Our client was facing 93 days in jail and didn’t a criminal conviction on his record. Thanks to the results we got our client, he will not have a criminal record.

I acted proactively once my client told me what he was facing. I contacted the prosecutor before the pretrial conference and used my relationship with this prosecutor to my client’s advantage.

In 2017, I had a client who was facing a serious felony charge. She supposedly attacked a police officer! I was able to get the charge dropped down to a misdemeanor offense! My client and her family were thrilled with this amazing result!

In 2018, I was working with a client who had a DUI charge. After talking to the city attorney, I was able to get him a plea offer to operating while visibly impaired. My client was thrilled that he would be getting less points on his record and took the well earned deal. 


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Call Shawn today at 616-438-6719! Shawn or one of his other highly rated Holland Criminal Defense Attorneys will pick up the phone and guide you through the complicated criminal defense process. 

Attorney Shawn Haff is a member of the Better Business Bureau and in good standing with them! He is trustworthy and good at what he does. Check out his reviews on his google my business page. Shawn is a five star rated attorney because his former clients know he can get them the results they need! Do not hire another lawyer without calling Shawn first! Shawn or one of his Holland Criminal Defense Attorneys will be happy to handle any criminal charge you are facing at 58th District Court in Holland, Michigan. 

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