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Our attorneys in Forest Hills are ready to aggressively defend your rights! Right now, it doesn’t matter whether or not you did it, what matters is what you do next. We also understand that good people sometimes get falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Our Forest Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Shawn James Haff will not rest until he gets you the best result possible. 

If you are arrested in Forest Hills, you will be facing charges from the Kent County Prosecutor’s office. These charges will take you in front of the judges of the 63rd district court. 

There are two district court judges. The more experienced judge there is Sara Smolenski. She is a good judge to be in front of if you are being sentenced. 

The district court judge there is Judge O’Hara. He used to be a very good criminal defense attorney. However, after his election he has been a tough judge to be sentenced in front of. He throws people in jail a lot more than judge Smolenski does. 

Shawn Haff and his  criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing people charged with misdemeanor or felony crimes. Shawn and his lawyers also fight aggressively in court for their client’s rights!

Typical charges we see in Forest Hills include DUI, OWI, drug charges, criminal sexual conduct and domestic violence

This small town doesn’t typically see a lot of crime and is the home two well known local high schools. 

Forest Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Shawn James Haff is only a phone call away. Call him now at 616-438-6719 and let him put his professional experience to work for you!

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A Forest Hills man was facing a felony charge for meth possession. We were able to work the charge down to a misdemeanor with time served! His parents and the client were beyond thrilled. 


A client was charged with a high BAC DUI. This drunk driving charge would have caused him to be fired from his place of employment. Thankfully, Attorney Shawn Haff was able to get the charge dropped to a OWI.

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