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Our attorneys in Cutlerville are ready to aggressively defend your rights! Right now, it doesn’t matter whether or not you did it, what matters is what you do next. We also understand that good people sometimes get falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit.

While Cutlerville isn’t a town that sees a lot of crime, Attorney Shawn Haff sees people charged with domestic violence, retail fraud, drunk driving, OWI, DUI and possession of narcotic. If you are arrested in Cutlerville, you need to hire an attorney asap! The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan sees people regretting the fact that they haven’t contacted an attorney sooner over and over and over again. Far too many times, people hire an attorney after they have waived their constitutional rights and done irreparable harm to their case!

Cutlerville has a population of a little over 15,000 people in it. It is located in Kent County, Michigan and has a medium income of a little over $50,000. 

Resent Cutlerville Results!


A client of ours was charged with domestic assault. We were able to get him a diversion program that allowed him to have no criminal record after he complete probation. 


We had a client who was charged with retail fraud in the second degree. We were able to get the charges reduced and a diversion program. Our client had a clean criminal record after she completed probation. 

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