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Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) is an extremely serious crime in Michigan. Criminal Sexual Conduct charges are reserved for offenses involving sexual assault, rape, and sex with a minor.

If you are anyone else you know has been charged with CSC crimes in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th degree you need to contact an attorney right away.

CSC cases should always be handled by an experienced and aggressive defense lawyer. Our Grand Rapids, Michigan sex crimes lawyers know how to get our clients the best results possible. 

   Hire an Aggressive Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Atorney For All Sex Crime Charges!

Attorney Shawn Haff and The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan know how to get you results when it comes to sex offenses. We can help you when you are facing charges related to Criminal Sexual Conduct.

Date Rape and sexual imposition our common charges in Michigan courts and many of these cases happen on college campuses. Alcohol is almost always involved. Under Michigan law, a person can not have sexual intercourse with a person who is not able to consent. A person who is drunk or under the influence of drugs is not able to give consent to sexual relations.

When it comes to charges related to sex with a minor, ignorance of a child’s age is not a defense.

Child pornography charges are complex and again ignorance of a child’s age is not a defense to this charge.

The Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) requires people convicted of sex offenses to register as a sex offender. This registration has life-changing negative impacts on a person’s life on top of incarceration.  

Our office often hears about how there are a lack of witnesses to the case. This does not prevent prosecution. We see all kinds of “he said, she said” cases where there are no witnesses. Allegations of rape or other forms of sexual assault are usually prosecuted. These prosecutions happen even when the evidence in the case is very weak and the alleged victim lacks credibility. People do make up false charges. The motivation for this can vary widely. It some cases people do it out of jealousy, attention or revenge. In other cases, no motive is apparent. Our firm has the experience of finding out motives for lying and getting the facts needed to defend someone who has been wrongfully accused of criminal sexual conduct.

No matter what type of sexual offense you are facing, you can be assured that the sexual offense will be extremely volatile because of the make up of these allegations. Michigan law has taken prohibitions against sexual assault and turned around and made a series of crimes related to sexual assault and rape statues which makes these crimes even more complex. If you are charged with rape in any courtroom, contact the best criminal sexual conduct defense lawyers in town today!

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First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

The most serious of the Criminal Sexual Conduct charges are CSC 1st degree. This is a serious felony charge that can lead up to life in prison. If a person engages in sexual penetration with a person under the age of 13, or a person under the age of 16 if the two are related, in the same household or if the defendant is in a position of authority a CSC charge in the 1st degree with be brought against the defendant.

First degree criminal sexual conduct is punishable by up to life in prison. If a minor is involved, defendants convicted of this offense may face a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years and lifetime electronic monitoring. All offenders convicted of CSC first degree will remain on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry for life, unless they qualify for early removal.

CSC 1st charges require a defendant to have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer representing him. We have the aggressive defense lawyers you need to fight criminal sexual conduct charges.

When choosing an attorney to defend you against serious charges with life-altering consequences such as prison, a client needs to have an attorney he can trust. CSC 1st charges require an attorney and client have a close working relationship with each other.

Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

If a person engages in sexual contact but not penetration with a person under the age of 13, the person could be charged with a CSC 2nd degree charge.

A person could also be charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct in the second degree if:

  • The alleged victim is under 13
  • The alleged victim is between 13 and 16 and the defendant is related, in the same household, a teacher or school employee, a foster care provider, or another authoritative figure.
  • Sexual contact occurs while the defendant commits another felony
    the alleged perpetrator is aided by another person or persons and knows the victim is mentally or physically helpless
  • The alleged perpetrator is aided by one or more persons and uses force or coercion to accomplish sexual contact
  • The alleged perpetrator is armed with a weapon or an article used to insinuate the presence of a weapon
  • The alleged perpetrator causes injury using force or coercion, or with knowledge, the alleged victim is physical or mentally incapable

It is important to understand what constitutes sexual contact. As opposed to sexual penetration, sexual contact does not include the insertion of a body part or item into another person’s body cavity. The definition of sexual contact is:

“Sexual contact” includes the intentional touching of the victim’s or actor’s intimate parts or the intentional touching of the clothing covering the immediate area of the victim’s or actor’s intimate parts, if that intentional touching can reasonably be construed as being for the purpose of (1) sexual arousal or gratification, (2) done for a sexual purpose, or (3) in a sexual manner for revenge, to inflict humiliation, or out of anger.

The maximum prison sentence for CSC in the second degree is 15 years. In addition, you will be electronically monitored for the rest of your life if the victim was under the age of 13, and you were over 17 at the time of the offense.

Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

If a person has sex with a minor between 13 and 16 and uses force, coercion, or mental incapacity of the alleged victim to accomplish penetration, or if the alleged victim is between 16 and 18 and the defendant is a teacher or school employee he or she could face third-degree felony CSC charges.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in the third degree can be punished by up to 15 years in prison.

Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

If contact without penetration occurs, felony CSC in the 4th degree charges could result. The maximum punishment for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the fourth degree is two years. This charge is also called a high court misdemeanor but that is just semantics. In all reality this is a felony conviction with extremely serious consequences so as prison time and registration on the sex offender registry. 

When you're charged with criminal sexual conduct, the cards are stacked against you

Defending Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Are you under investigation for a crime that is sexual in nature? Have you been arrested for committing criminal sexual conduct?  These charges are some of the most serious criminal offenses under Michigan law. Prosecutors and judges in all Michigan courtrooms and major cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan will be dying to hammer you with massive amounts of prison time if you are convicted of a sex crime. 

No matter what time of charges you are facing that deal with sexual assault, you absolutely can not afford to wait and not hire a skillful attorney who has a proven track record of results!

Criminal Sexual Conduct cases are perhaps the most difficult to defend in Michigan courts. Sadly, many jurors believe that anyone accused of criminal sexual conduct must be guilty. This is especially true if the victim is a minor. “Why would a child lie about something this horrible?”

In our experience, we know that people do lie about being sexually assaulted and sometimes members of the family know it but will not say anything. Experts called by the prosecution believe if an accuser is consistent the assault and offers details about the assault that the victim was assaulted and that the defendant must be guilty.

At the Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan, our Grand Rapids, MI lawyers have the knowledge you must have to get your case properly investigated. We have the lawyers who will fight with all their might to get you the best results possible. We have decades of experience fighting for our clients across West Michigan. Our law firm is ready and willing to present your compelling story of innocence to a jury of your local peers.

If you are innocent of the charges you face, being accused of molesting or raping a child is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can face. 

Attorney Shawn James Haff and his team of attorneys will stop at nothing to come up with a truthful reason as to why a child would lie. 

This is a question that needs to be answered in your case. The jury and prosecutor are going to be asking that question all throughout your trial. We will use all the tools we have to create a successful case strategy. 

These tools include using social media, preliminary examinations, private investigators and filing motions. We will stop at nothing to find the answer to why would a child lie.

Our lawyers have a solid network of experts that can testify on your behalf at trial. These expert witnesses understand the science and psychological issues that can cause a child or person to lie about sexual abuse. We can use psychiatrists, DNA experts, OB-GYN experts and psychiatrists to help us defend you! Once these factors are pointed out to us by these experts, we will present this evidence in a powerful way in order to get you the best results possible on your criminal sexual conduct case.

Your reputation will end up in ruins if you are convicted of a sexual assault. Your future will be bleak with a serious conviction such as rape on your record. We understand that there are a lot of law firms to choose from when it comes to handling your criminal sexual conduct case.

We Care About Defending Your Reputation!

Shawn Haff and his fellow attorneys believe in given all our clients the best customer service experience possible! 

We return our phone calls and e-mails promptly. 

We give our clients our personal phone numbers so they can contact us at any time.

We are available to see you in our office when you want face to face time with your lawyer. 

We also will take the time needed to get to know your family members and their concerns about their case. (Assuming you give us permission to talk to them about your case) Court appointed attorneys refuse to talk to family members about their case and are swamped with work. 

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan does not work with every person that wants to hire us. We want to make sure we only work with clients who share our values, goals and have the same respect for us that we do them. We have found that the best defense possible happens when we truly know and understand our client, their family and their story.

The main reasons we have success at trial is because we present a compelling story to the jury and because we know the judges well in Grand Rapids, Michigan and courthouses all throughout Michigan. 

The jury is going to wait to understand your side of the story. The jury is going to want to know the relationships involved between the accuser and the accused. Remember, the jury is going to have a hard time believing that a child would lie about something so serious. All the jury needs to convict someone for a life offense criminal sexual conduct charge is believing the victim. That’s it! 

If you work with us and present a compelling story, the jury will be convinced and issue a not guilty verdict and you can begin putting your life back together after a false accusation of committing criminal sexual conduct.  When you want to hire the best rape defense lawyers in Grand Rapids, call us today at 616-438-6719. 

Case Results!


Our Client was facing years in prison for Criminal Sexual Conduct in third degree in Allegan, Michigan! The charges were dropped at the preliminary exam! The client was thrilled and extremely happy with the result!


Our client was facing a life offense for criminal sexual conduct with a child. We were able to get him a plea deal that allowed him the chance to be released from prison in 3 years. Given the amount of evidence against him, this was a great result!


Our client was facing a life offense 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Charge. We got an amazing not guilty verdict in the Kent County Circuit Court located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


Our client was facing over 30 years in prison. We got him a great plea deal that allowed him a chance to go free after only two years. This case was in Kent County. 

These are the types of results you can expect from the best sex crime defense attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

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