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Criminal charges in Barry County involving all criminal matters that carry a one-year sentence or more are heard in the circuit court. The district court has jurisdiction of misdemeanors, ordinances and preliminary examinations of all felony cases.

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan has the experienced criminal defense lawyers that you need to stand up against aggressive prosecutors and hostile police officers. We know how aggressive the Barry County prosecutors can be. Attorney Shawn Haff and his Barry County criminal defense attorneys know how to make sure your rights are protected against tough prosecutors. 

If you’ve been arrested and charged with any kind of drug crime, sex crime, computer crime, violent crime, home invasion or vehicle crime in Hastings, Michigan or Barry County, then you need help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Before you talk to the police or make statements in court, talk to one of our expert criminal defense lawyers.  Talking to police without an attorney present only gives them more material to build their case with.

Our team of Barry County criminal defense attorneys has years of experience successfully fighting criminal charges in both district and circuit court. With Shawn on your side, your goals become our goals. We won’t stop fighting your accusers until everything in our power has been done to get you the same amazing results that we’ve gotten for our past clients.

You can rest easy with Attorney Shawn James Haff on your side! You can know your case is in good hands. be able to rest easy knowing your case is in good hands. If you’re ready to take the necessary ste

Criminal Cases within Barry County Courts:

  • Assault/Battery
  • Drug Possession
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Rape
  • Theft/Larceny
  • Drunk Driving/ OWI/DUI
  • Home Invasion 
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors

A Few of Our Proven Results:

Domestic Violence Charge: Dropped!  Our client could not afford a criminal conviction on his record. We worked hard for him and got amazing results!

Felony Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer: dropped to simple misdemeanor with no jail time. 

Drunk Driving Charge: Dropped to Impaired driving.  The reduction in charge was huge but the best results we got our client was no jail! In Barry County, the district court judge gives people jail for any first offense dui! Needless to say, our client was completely thrilled!

First Steps to Take if You Are Being Investigated for a Crime in Barry County

If you are contacted by a law enforcement agent because you are being investigated for committing a crime, and a lot of the time these investigations are the result of false allegations being made against you, it is absolutely in your best interest to take the following actions:

  1. When a police officer wants to speak to you, politely but firmly, tell the officer that you will not speak to them until you consult with an attorney first. Afterwards, you may talk to the police officer if you have your attorney present. Do not speak to the officer any further! Do not answer any questions. A police officer may persist and to bully you into speaking with them.  Do not fall for this! Stand your ground and tell them you will not speak to them without an attorney present. You should always do this! It does not matter if you are guilty or innocent. A lot of people tell Attorney Shawn Haff that they are innocent and why would I talk to the police officer. Do not do it! The police officer is there to gather information to prove that you committed the crime as alleged. Your words will be twisted to make you look guilty, even when you are innocent.
  2. Don’t talk to anyone about the investigation. Do not tell your parent! Do not tell your friends! Do not talk to your relatives about it! Only talk to you lawyer about it! By talking to your friends and family, you could your friends and family into witnesses against you. Do you really want the prosecutor calling them to testify against you at trial?
  3. Contact Barry County criminal defense attorney Shawn Haff right now! He knows what you need to do to get the best results possible. He understands the steps that he can take during the investigation phase that may help you to avoid charges being filed against you. He also knows how to start the process of mitigating the damage from the charges or to begin the process of mitigating the damage from charges that may be brought by the police and prosecuting attorney.
  4. Shawn will have you be prepared for the possibility that a warrant will be issued for your arrest. He will help you make sure that you are able to bond your self out after you are arrested for a crime. Shawn will help you take the steps needed to turn yourself in at the Barry County jail and be released on the same day after you post bond. He will also make sure you are ready for the arraignment process at the Barry County district court. Being a five-star rated lawyer, Shawn will have you prepared every step of the way!
If you are arrested and facing criminal charges you need Shawn or one of his five-star rated Barry County criminal defense attorneys on your side immediately!  Call Shawn now at 616-438-6719 for a free case strategy session. The call is free. Will you be!

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Information About Barry County Courts

5th Circuit CourtBarry County Courthouse
220 W. State Street
Hastings, MI 49058
(269) 945-1286
Honorable William M. Doherty,
Chief Judge
Honorable Amy McDowell
56B District CourtCourts & Law Building
206 W. Court St.
Hastings, MI 49058
(269) 945-1404
Honorable William M. Doherty,
Chief Judge
Honorable Michael Lee Schipper
Barry County Probate
Courts & Law Building
206 W. Court St.
Hastings, MI 49058
(269) 945-1390
Honorable William M. Doherty,
Chief Judge

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