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When you are investigated for a crime or charged with a criminal offense in West Michigan, you need to start gathering information that will help you throughout your case. Hiring a lawyer is always the best first step to take, however, there is a variety of information available online that can assist you in the criminal justice process. Our criminal defense blog and can help you understand the laws and legal issues affecting your case, and provide you with some of the information you need to make the best decisions you can about your case.

Don’t speak with police or attempt to go through the early stages of your case without skilled representation. Our Michigan defense lawyers have assisted clients who face drug crime, sex crime, drunk driving, and violent crime, theft crimes, robbery crimes and other criminal charges. You have everything to gain by calling The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today at 616-438-6719. We know how to get you the results you deserve! We will work hard to get you the best results possible. We have gotten not guilty verdicts at high stake trials on 1st-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct charges to not guilty verdict for possession of Marijuana charges. We have gotten numerous charges dismissed before trial as well.

Contact The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan now for aggressive criminal defense representation in Michigan.  We are available immediately to begin working with you on your state or federal criminal charges. We can meet you seven days a week at our office or anywhere else you may want to meet at. Do not hire another law firm or lawyer until you talk to Shawn first at 616-438-6719.

The Criminal Defense Blog of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan

Michigan DUI Lawyer

If you are facing drunk driving charges in any West Michigan Court, you need to contact Attorney Shawn James Haff of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today! Shawn is a Michigan DUI Lawyer you can trust to help you get the best results possible when facing DUI...
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Charges for Domestic Violence

Our Aggressive Defense Lawyers Can Help You Handle Your Charges For Domestic Violence. If you have engaged in assault behavior towards the following people you could be facing domestic violence charges: Spouse (present or former) of the defendant Person(s) in a dating relationship with the defendant Persons(s) sharing a child with the defendant Resident(s) of...
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Criminal Law Cases

The Criminal Defense Law Centre of West Michigan handles only criminal law cases throughout all West Michigan courts. Criminal law cases are based on a body of rules that proclaim what is unacceptable conduct to our society. Conduct that harms, threatens or puts others at risk are examples of conduct...
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Probation Violations

Anyone who has been placed on probation knows it can be a stressful time in their life. Depending on where you are placed on probation, you may have a really reasonable probation agent or a tyrant. Certain agents are very quick to hammer people with probation violations. Probation violations can...
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Michigan Criminal Lawyer

If you are in need of retaining a Michigan criminal lawyer, someone who will defend you passionately against any charge you may face, look no further than The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan.  Attorney Shawn James Haff formed the Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan to help...
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