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The county of Allegan hammers those who are arrested for breaking the law. Our firm has seen a client get his with five different charges out of one arrest! We have seen people get jail on a regular basis for felony convictions. We had one client who almost got jail for a first offense two-year felony charge. This wouldn’t happen in just about any other county in West Michigan. When our clients are charged with a felony, we have noticed that it takes a long time for a case to finish. The previously mentioned cases are ones that end with a plea. If the case goes to trial or there is a threat of trial, the case will take even longer to finish. Do not face criminal charges in this county by yourself. You need to hire one of our Allegan County Criminal Defense Attorneys 

The city of Allegan is a beautiful one. It has a river going through it and we have seen Bald Eagles on our way down there twice! The county gets hit hard during the winter time with more snow and ice than Kent or Barry County. So if you are having to go to court during the winter in Allegan, be prepared for your drive to take longer than you would expect.

Typical charges we see in this county are possession of meth, OWI/DUI/DWI, domestic violence, retail fraud and welfare fraud. This county takes meth charges very seriously! The main reason for this is the belief that this county has quite a people few making this dangerous drug. People that make meth also tend to engage trafficking the drug. 

Anyone who is under the age of 24 can qualify for HYTA when charged with aggravated stalking unless there are factors involved that deal with criminal sexual conduct.  There are other diversion programs available that can be looked into that are dependent on the specific facts of the case.

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Information About Allegan County Courts

The Circuit Court – Family Division are those cases where the Prosecuting Attorney is charged with the responsibility of bringing cases of child neglect or abuse to the court. In, addition, the Prosecuting Attorney handles cases of juvenile delinquency and involuntary mental admissions (in Probate Court). Juvenile delinquency petitions filed in 2003 increased 70 from 1993. These numbers are disturbing, but understandable, given the growth of Allegan County, the breakdown of American family values, and the high incidence of educating the community and reporting. Allegan County has and will continue to take an aggressive approach to the protection of our children. Allegan County has one Family Court/Probate Judge, and two Hearing Referees.

Felony cases in Allegan are crimes in which the punishment can be incarceration of more than one year in prison. These cases require more time than misdemeanor cases.  Felony cases have strict time limits which require preliminary exams and trials to be held within a certain amount of time. Of course, these time limits can be waived usually for good cause and many times these time limits do get waived for good cause.  Allegan County has two Circuit Court Judges who handle all adult felony cases.  Felony caseloads in Allegan County have increased over the past three years. The main reason for this has been methamphetamine abuse. This abuse is an epidemic and is prevalent in around 35 of all felony cases in Allegan County. Judge Bakker and Judge Kengis are former prosecutors in Allegan County. They are fair and reasonable circuit court judges.  In the district court, there are also two judges. Judge William A Bailargeon is the Chief district court judge. Judge Joseph S. Skocelas is the other district court judge. The head prosecutor in Allegan County is Myrene K. Koch. 

Case Results in Allegan County

2019: Our client was facing four very serious felony charges. We got the top three serious charges dropped and she only had to plea guilty to one felony!

2019: A client was facing life in prison for a torture charge and several other felonies. We got numerous felonies dropped and our client got a small prison sentence!

2018: DUI was reduced to a impaired driving. 

2017: OWI dropped down to impaired driving.

2017: Disorderly conduct charge ends with a not guilty verdict!

First Steps to Take if You Are Being Investigated for a Crime in Allegan County

If you are contacted by a law enforcement agent because you are being investigated for committing a crime, and a lot of the time these investigations are the result of false allegations being made against you, it is absolutely in your best interest to take the following actions:

  1. When a police officer wants to speak to you, politely but firmly, tell the officer that you will not speak to them until you consult with an attorney first. Afterwards, you may talk to the police officer if you have your attorney present. Do not speak to the officer any further! Do not answer any questions. A police officer may persist and to bully you into speaking with them.

    Do not fall for this! Stand your ground and tell them you will not speak to them without an attorney present. You should always do this! It does not matter if you are guilty or innocent. A lot of people tell Attorney Shawn Haff that they are innocent and why would I talk to the police officer. Do not do it! The police officer is there to gather information to prove that you committed the crime as alleged. Your words will be twisted to make you look guilty, even when you are innocent.

  2. Don’t talk to anyone about the investigation. Do not tell your parents! Do not tell your friends! Do not talk to your relatives about it! Only talk to you lawyer about it! By talking to your friends and family, you could turn your friends and family into witnesses against you. Do you really want the prosecutor calling them to testify against you at trial?
  3. Contact Allegan County criminal defense attorney Shawn Haff right now! He knows what you need to do to get the best results possible. He understands the steps that he can take during the investigation phase that may help you to avoid charges being filed against you. He also knows how to start the process of mitigating the damage from the charges or to begin the process of mitigating the damage from charges that may be brought by the police and prosecuting attorney.
  4. Shawn will have you be prepared for the possibility that a warrant will be issued for your arrest. He will help you make sure that you are able to bond your self out after you are arrested for a crime. Shawn will help you take the steps needed to turn yourself in at the Allegan County jail and be released on the same day after you post bond. He will also make sure you are ready for the arraignment process at the Allegan County district court. Being a five-star rated lawyer, Shawn will have you prepared every step of the way! Shawn and his team of Allegan County Criminal Defense Attorneys will get you the best results possible!

Still not sure who to hire to represent you on your criminal charge? Consider the following tips to keep in mind when you hire an attorney.

If you are facing criminal charges, hiring a lawyer is the smart thing to do. 

These are steps you should take before you hire Shawn to represent you in your criminal case. Here are four steps you can take to know you have hired a great attorney to represent you in court. 

  1. Clearly explain your problem to yourself so you can talk about your case competently with potential counsel.  If you can have a basic understanding of the case you are facing, you will get a sense of confidence knowing your lawyer as the knowledge needed to get to work quickly on your case. This allows your lawyers to focus on the tougher legal issues that a person without proper legal training is not able to do.
  2. Understand how legal fees work!  You need to know where your money is being spent and why. There are two types of fees criminal lawyers use in Michigan. A flat fee, where you pay an attorney to perform a certain task. Hourly fees are where you are billed “X” amount of dollars an hour for the work your lawyer does for you. Be warned! If you hire a lawyer to work on your criminal case hourly, you will be stunned at how quickly your bill can run up. For most misdemeanors and lower level felony charges Shawn would strongly suggest you hire a lawyer who bills you a flat fee.
  3. Research where to find an outstanding criminal defense attorney!  Search google to see if an attorney has a google my business page. Examine carefully the review the attorney has. Visit the Better Business Bureau to see if they can be trusted to follow the high standards of the BBB. As a law firm if they only practice criminal defense. Do you really want to hire a jack of all trade attorney instead of someone who specializes in only criminal defense?
  4. Familiarize yourself with legal terms and jargon. If you have a basic overview of key terms that are used a lot in the legal field, you can help save your lawyer time and you money if you are being billed by the hour. 


If you still have questions, please call Attorney Shawn Haff at 616-438-6719. Let him ease your concerns and guide you through the tough legal maze that is criminal law!

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