Being stopped and put under arrest for drunk driving is an embarrassing event. The penalties are extreme and are becoming tougher by the year. If you are arrested for DUI, OWI or impaired driving, you probably have many questions such as: am I going to jail? Will I lose my driver’s license? Can I take my case to trial and win? The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan is a powerful firm that will take the time to answer all of your questions and ease your concerns. The call is free, so call today at 616-438-6719! Our expert representation could keep you out of jail and allow you to keep your driving privileges.

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan is a law firm that realizes that there are hundreds of lawyers in town who will charge you a high retainer for drunk driving cases and get you poor results. Our attorneys in Grand Rapids, Mi They won’t return your phone calls promptly and they will push you to take a plea deal instead of taking your case to trial when a trial is a client’s best legal option.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case and your previous record, a drunk driving conviction can result in jail time, significant fines and costs, community service, work crew, loss of your driving privileges and probation.

A first offense OWI, DUI, drunk driving conviction could send you to jail for up to 93 days, cost you up to $1,000.00 in fines and court costs, cost you a $1,000.00 dollar driver responsibility fee for two years and your driver’s license being suspended.

A High BAC (Super Drunk Driving) conviction increases fines by $200.00, maximum possible jail time is increased to 180 days, 45 days of no driving and an additional 320 days restriction with an alcohol monitor on the vehicle.

Second DUI, OWI, drunk driving offenses carry many of the same penalties as the first offense but some of them are more severe.

Penalties for a second DUI, OWI, drunk driving offense include:

  • Mandatory jail time of at least five days and not more than one year
  • License revocation of at least one year
  • License plate confiscation
  • Vehicle immobilization or forfeiture of up to six months
    a fine of up to $1,000
  • Driver responsibility fees of $1,000 for two years
    up to 90 days of community service.

While DUI cases might seem straightforward, they are not for several reasons. First, drunk driving cases can cause traffic accidents that destroy lives and property. Second, there are several factors a DUI, OWI, Drunk Driving attorney will consider when evaluating your case. First, did the officer have reasonable suspicion to stop you? An example of reasonable suspicion would be the officer observing a vehicle speeding or running a stop sign.  Second, did the officer have probable cause to start a DUI investigation? An officer would have probable cause to start a DUI investigation if he watched a vehicle go through a stop sign and the driver had bloodshot eyes and admitted to drinking vodka a few hours earlier.  If you were required to perform field sobriety tests, were they justified in the first place, properly explained and properly assessed? Was the officer correctly trained to administer and evaluate the test results for DUI, OWI, and Drunk Driving sobriety tests? Was there probable cause to arrest you for DUI, OWI, and Drunk Driving? If the officer observes a driver passing the sobriety tests and a pbt test shows that the blood alcohol content of the driver is below a .08, the officer probably doesn’t have probable cause to arrest the driver.  If you took a blood alcohol test at the police station, were the tests properly conducted on machines properly maintained by officers properly trained? Where the results accurate and reliable? Regardless of all the tests and reports, can the prosecutor prove that you violated each element of DUI law beyond a reasonable doubt?

As you can see, DUI, OWI and Drunk Driving cases are anything but simple. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DUI, OWI, Impaired Driving, Drunk Driving and Felony Drunk Driving cases. Protect your rights! Protect your Future!

Our Drunk Driving Lawyers Know How To Get Results!

Attorney Shawn Haff of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan has defended clients against drunk driving counties in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Allegan County, Ionia County, Ottawa County and all throughout West Michigan!  Shawn will guide you through this complex criminal charge and make sure you are informed every step of the way.

If you are arrested and stopped for any drunk driving related offense: OWI, DUI, High BAC (Super Drunk Driving Law) or impaired driving you need to contact the Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan asap! The penalties are too harsh to face without an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side. The call is free and so is the first initial consultation! 616-438-6719

If you are feeling intoxicated, don’t drive! We represent people all over the 616 area code and all West Michigan courtrooms! We represent people charged with drug crimes, domestic violence, and help people with license restoration.

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If you desire to gather more information about drunk driving laws in Michigan, please visit this link provided by the Michigan Secretary of State. This link will provide you with additional information that you may find useful!

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