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Misdemeanor criminal matters having the potential for a jail term of less than one year are handled by various district courts located throughout Newaygo County. High court misdemeanors and felony cases in Newaygo County are actually handled by the 17th Circuit Court. Additionally, the Circuit Court hears criminal appeals, including District Court appeals and administrative driver’s license appeals. 

Newaygo County is located just northwest of Grand Rapids Michigan.  The largest city is Newaygo, Michigan.  There are other small cities such as White Cloud, Freemont, Grant, Bailey, and Bitley.  The County Prosecutor’s Office is tough but fair. The longer you wait to call an experienced attorney, the more damage you will cause your case.

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Information About Newaygo County Courts

The Newaygo County Courthouse is located at:

Honorable Robert D. Springstead
Circuit Court

Appointed Circuit Court Judge – 2017–Former Top Prosecutor in Newaygo, County Michigan.

Honorable Graydon W Dimkoff
Circuit Court ~ Probate Court
Judge Graydon W. Dimkoff was appointed Chief Judge of the Newaygo County Probate Court by Governor John Engler and took the bench on April 1st, 1998. Judge Dimkoff graduated from the University of Michigan in 1969 and Wayne State University Law School in 1972. Judge Dimkoff served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corp as a U.S. Army attorney from 1973 to 1976, and retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves, as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1993.
He opened his law office in Newaygo County in 1976 and practiced general law until his appointment to the bench.
Judge Dimkoff also serves as a judge in the Family Court Division of the 27thCircuit Court, handling many different types of cases in what is commonly referred to as “Family Court.”  Judge Dimkoff is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, Newaygo County Bar Association, U.S. District Court – Western District of Michigan and U.S. District Court – Western District of Louisiana. He was a former member of the Fremont Downtown  Development Authority, Fremont Public Schools Board of Education, Fremont Rotary Club, and Michigan Board of Foresters, among other civic and charitable endeavors.
Honorable H Kevin Drake
District Court
Judge H. Kevin Drake was appointed the 78th District Court Judge by Governor John Engler in 1995.  In addition to Newaygo County, he has also served as Judge in Lake County and is currently District Court Judge in Oceana County.  Judge Drake is assigned to serve in all the county courts on an as needed basis.   Prior to the Governor’s appointment, he served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Newaygo County from 1981 to 1982 and served as the County Prosecuting Attorney from 1982 to 1995.  Judge Drake is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, as well as other law related organizations.  He is also a member of the White Cloud Rotary.
Wendy Jarvis
Court Administrator/FOC

1092 Newell Street, PO Box 885
White Cloud, MI 49349
M-F 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm
Phone: (231) 689-7252 Fax: (231) 689-7015

27th Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is referred to as the “trial court of general jurisdiction” in Michigan because of its very broad powers.  Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all actions except those given by state law to another court.  Generally speaking, Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in all civil cases involving more than $25,000; in all criminal cases where the offense involves a felony or certain serious misdemeanors; and in all family cases and domestic relations cases such as divorce, paternity actions, juvenile proceedings, and adoptions.

The State of Michigan is divided into judicial circuits along county lines. The number of judges in a circuit reflects the volume of business in the court.  If there is more than one county in a circuit, such as ours, judges travel from one county seat to another to hold court sessions.  Our judges conduct court in both Newaygo County as well as Oceana County .

The Circuit Court also hears cases appealed from lower courts and from some administrative agencies of state government. In addition, the Circuit Court has superintending control over other courts within the circuit, subject to final superintending powers of the Supreme Court.

Circuit judges are elected for six-year terms on non-partisan ballots.  A candidate must be a resident of the circuit in which the candidate is running, a qualified elector, licensed to practice law in Michigan, and at the time of election less than 70 years of age.  The legislature sets salaries for circuit judges.

The Family Division, a division of Circuit Court, has exclusive jurisdiction over all family matters such as divorce, custody, parenting time, support, paternity, adoptions, name changes, juvenile proceedings, the emancipation of minors, parental consent, and personal protection proceedings.  The Family Division also has ancillary jurisdiction over cases involving guardianships and conservatorships and proceedings involving the mentally ill or developmentally disabled.

Check out our video to better inform yourself about what goes on at the Newaygo County Courthouse. Please feel free to contact us today if you want our Newaygo County Criminal Defense Lawyers to get to work on your case asap!

Working With The Criminal Defense Law Center

Shawn has a proven record of success in all areas of criminal law including:

    • DUI defense: We know the key elements of defending a person charged with drunk driving in Newaygo County. Shawn has successfully gotten DUI charges reduced by
      • Challenging the legality of DUI stops
      • Suppressing results of bad chemical tests
      • Exposing errors made in field sobriety tests that were administered by local law enforcement. 

Shawn has the technical ability and legal talent necessary to successfully fight your drunk driving charge. 

  • Drug charge defense: Our drug crimes defense practice focuses on doing what it takes to help you get a not guilty verdict at trial or get the charges dropped. We also have the talent and skills you need to help keep you out of jail. We will attack all of the weak areas of the prosecution’s case and mitigate the damages of their strengths.  this will almost certainly help you receive the best possible results. Shawn has defended people charged with:
    • Possession with intent to deliver
    • Firearm possession connected with drug charges
    • Federal drug trafficking

Case Results In Newaygo County


Felony charges dropped to misdemeanor.


Drug charges completely dropped.

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