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A serious juvenile charge could lead to a young person being sentenced as an adult.  Contact Shawn at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan right away if your child is facing any juvenile criminal charge.  Shawn can defend your child against any of the following juvenile crimes:

The legal issues and law in juvenile delinquency cases are usually different than adult cases.  You will need to hire a lawyer at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan to defend your child against the potential life-changing penalties for any juvenile criminal charge. My lawyers won’t judge you or your child regarding the juvenile crimes.

If you are under 17 years old at the time of a criminal offense in West Michigan, your case could be heard in juvenile court.  Typically, juvenile sentences are often lighter than adult sentences.  However, don’t let that make you think your child can face these issues without a tough criminal defense lawyer by their side.

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These Crimes Can Harm Your Child’s Future!

It is our goal to preserve your child’s clean criminal record, and the sooner we can get involved the better. We understand that sometimes children make mistakes and commit crimes, but The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan is devoted to doing our best to ensure that those mistakes do not have lifelong effects on your child’s ability to attend college or get a job.

We will work closely with both parents and the juvenile to work towards a solution. In addition, our attorneys are experienced at negotiating with the Prosecutors.  We can advocate for in-home placement of juveniles, as well as any other alternatives to Juvenile Detention. Juvenile delinquency matters can have serious long term consequences. You will need an attorney experienced in Juvenile law to handle your child’s case and protect all of their rights.

In some juvenile offenses, we may be able to push the court to place the juvenile on the consent calendar.  If placed on the consent docket, no plea will be entered in the criminal case, provided that both the juvenile and his or her parents accept his or her placement on the juvenile consent calendar.  The consent calendar gives juvenile offenders a chance to complete certain terms within a specified period of time, and thereby avoid any record of a criminal charge or court proceeding.

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan believes every child’s future is worth fighting for and protecting.  We understand what is at stake in every juvenile case.  We will work to discover the best legal option for the juvenile. Juvenile crimes can negatively impact your child for years. Get an attorney asap!

We can fight to make sure a juvenile’s case is not waived to adult court.  We want your case to remain confidential so that the juvenile’s reputation remains intact.  We can protect juvenile offenders from harsh criminal sentencing, and fight aggressively against incarceration.

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