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There is none better than Shawn Haff. I found myself in an unfortunate predicament, all the fault of my own, and luckily I stumbled upon Shawn's page after a quick Google search. Within 2 hours of sending the initial message of interest, Shawn had called me, heard my situation, and began working for me. I was absolutely blown away by his level of engagement and support. Shawn's defense was smart and tough, he kept me out of jail and worked beyond hard to ensure me and my family, as well as my job were all protected. I would give Shawn a 10 if I could. Thank you so much for all that you did for me, I hope I never need you again lol, but if I do, I know where to go.
Attorney Shawn Haff is the type of lawyer I have always wanted to work with. He is professional, proficient and very knowledgeable. Attorney Haff takes his time reviewing your case and makes sure you understand what is being explained . You always know what to expect next and always given professional advice. Attorney Haff amazes me how organized and proficient he is when responding to his clients. I would recommend Attorney Haff to anyone who is looking for an extraordinary Criminal Attorney!
Even though it’s just the beginning of my case and we are just getting started, I HAVE to leave a review because Shawn Haff really went above and beyond for me earlier this week! I called Mr Haff in a state of panic and fear and EXTREMELY last minute for help regarding my legal issue (I didn’t really know I had this coming until the night before!) Mr. Haff literally made magic happen for me that same day. He called me back a few times that day very quickly with answers and a solution for this phase of my case. I am so grateful for him helping me, he gave me the opportunity to breathe and gather my thoughts (for a couple of days at least, it’s hard when you’ve never been in this situation and are terrified!) I have no doubt that I will leave another positive review as my case continues! I am feeling a little more hopeful!
Shawn is excellent to work with. Cannot recommend him enough. If you are uncertain, anxious, or embarrassed, he will not judge you. Thank you Shawn for your time and commitment to each of your cases.
Shawn does a great job both in and out of the courtroom. He is honest, transparent about potential outcomes, and clearly has experience in law. Pricing is very competitive compared to other lawyers in the area. Would highly recommend.
Shawn is very good at what he does. He makes sure to get your results fast. If you are ever unsure about anything and need the cold hard truth instead of someone who is going to try to make you feel better by sugar-coating things He is your guy to call. He makes sure he does everything and anything to get the job done and do it right and efficiently. All in all a great guy.”
“Shawn provided fair and knowledgeable legal support for me in what could have turned out to be a very bad situation. Thanks, Shawn!”
Mr.Haff was an outstanding attorney I would never hesitate to work with. He exceeded all expectations and was very knowledgeable. From the very beginning he helped my family, guided us, and educated us through the whole process with the best outcome. Very trustworthy and professional. He was there for any questions I had and was great with communication. Attended every proceeding with us and made sure we understood each step of the process. I could not be happier and would recommend Mr.Haff to anyone.
“Shawn helped me tremendously and was able to get the outcome I wanted. He didn’t sugar coat anything or tell me what I wanted to hear but gave me the facts and “this is what could happen”. He left the option up to me if I wanted to do a plea deal or take it a trial. A genuine guy that gives you his advice and what you do with it is up to you. He always answered all the questions or concerns I had. I had a warrant issued for missing my trial for MDOP back in 2014. I needed to take care of that clearly, but I stood firm that it was not intentional and I refuse to plead guilty to that charge. We left the court with a plea deal of disturbing the peace. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and that this is finally over. I would highly recommend Shawn to anybody in need.”
“Attorney Haff is simply the best! A real class human being! I was so scared of facing my situation! He made me feel like a human being!”
“I trusted Shawn to handle my son’s case. He was facing a felony charge in Hudsonville. Shawn was with my son and I every step of the way. He always answered our questions quickly and with great detail. He got my son a great deal! He was the best investment I ever made!”
“Shawn, my attorney is AMAZING! He’s fairly priced and he’ll work hard for you. He even didn’t mind too much all of my “I’m panicking” phone calls. He’s honest as well. We all know how hard it is to find and honest attorney 😃. In all seriousness, Shawn will work hard for you while being, sometimes, brutally honest about your case. He’s happy to answer questions and he seems to genuinely care about you and your case. So, if you get into a little trouble or even a lot of trouble give him a call. I even was lucky enough to get an appointment within an hour.”
“Don’t search for another lawyer if you’re facing a tough and difficult legal issue. Shawn is an expert in criminal defense and can handle your case from start to finish. When your liberty is in jeopardy, give him a call asap!”
Attorney Haff is wonderful! He has answers for all my questions if by rare chance he isn’t sure, he gets back with me with a comprehensive and well thought out reply. It’s rare that a lawyer takes the time to keep you in the loop of what is going on with regular updates. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends! Thanks again, Mr. Haff!”
“I have a professional relationship with Shawn. When the chips are “ALL IN” he is the defense lawyer you want representing you. He is thorough in his preparation and is always ready for court and his client’s needs. Which results in a positive outcome.”
Shawn called us back 10 minutes after contacting him. We met in his office for an initial consultation 3 hours later. He was professional, kind, understanding, and went to court to represent us three days later. He is very intelligent and well versed in criminal law. Because Shawn only takes a few clients at a time, you will have his full attention to detail about your case. He returns calls promptly and does his utmost to secure the best verdict for his clients. He is realistic about the outcome of any situation you may be facing. Not only does he work hard for you, but he will also secure the best outcome he can. I recommend Shawn highly.
Shawn is very professional! He’s upfront and honest so you know exactly what to expect.
Shawn Haff answered our call and questions and I was in the office the next day. He took the time and went over everything. He was very professional, efficient and straight to the point. He gets things done. If I had to leave a message, he returned my call within 10 min, always leaving me with a sense of relief. Very good turnout. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Shawn
Shawn was very helpful and was there when I needed him. My boyfriend got into some legal trouble and was facing some pretty bad charges until Sean got involved and got everything knocked down! Walked away paying a few fines and that was it. Shawn was responsive, helpful, and knew what he was doing. If you need a great lawyer Shawn is your guy!
"I received my second DUI 10 years apart. Just a dumb mistake. Shawn did a great job. He always respond pretty quick back to text and emails. And he works for you. You won’t be just a case number to him. He leads with heart. I highly recommend him! I would for sure hire him for anything else I need in the future. Thank you Shawn you’re highly appreciated."
Mr. Haff provided fantastic support for a case for my family. Throughout the proceedings, he was up front with what potential worst case outcomes could be, as well as realistic expectations throughout everything. He made sure to provide re-assurance whenever requested for his client throughout the entire process and we couldn't be happier with the end results. I would highly recommend him should anyone require legal assistance.
Jake Pleiness
Shawn is thoughtful, caring, and diligent. He took the time out of his busy schedule to help me for a free consultation. If I ever need to use a law firm his will be the one I trust.
Pete Wickey
Shawn, I simply cannot thank you enough for the results you got me for my case in the end. Not too many people, places, or things in this world deserve perfect five star reviews, but you most certainly do. I am blessed to have found you! From the beginning, you were quick to respond, offered comforting yet realistic feedback whenever I needed it, and very patiently worked with me when it came to payment. The deal you got me was better than I expected, and now because of you, I am able to move forward with my life! I recommend your work to ANYONE. Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my hear!
Victoria Jane

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