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Misdemeanor criminal matters having the potential for a jail term of less than one year are handled by various district courts located throughout Montcalm County. The 64B District Court and 8th Judicial Circuit Court are part of our state judicial system. The Circuit Court hears criminal appeals, including District Court appeals and administrative driver’s license appeals. 

Montcalm County Criminal Court Information

The Montcalm County District and Circuit courts handle all Montcalm County criminal charges and all issues that arise from criminal charges.  As in all Michigan countires, the district court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal charges. A misdemeanor is a crime where the maximum penalty is one year in jail. Misdemeanor courtrooms also handle all probably cause conferences and preliminary exams.   The circuit court has jurisdiction over all felony cases. Felony cases will be bound over from district court unless the case is tossed or a plea deal is reached that isn’t a felony.

The circuit courthouse and is located in Stanton, Michigan, at:

631 N. State Street
Stanton, Michigan 48888
Phone: (989) 831-7343

The 64B District Courthouse has two locations, one in Stanton and one in Greenfield:

617 N. State St.
Stanton, Michigan 48888
Phone: (989) 831-7450


415 S. Lafayette St.
Greenfield, Michigan 48838
Phone: (616) 754-3212

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