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These are REAL RESULTS that Attorney Shawn Haff and The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan have gotten our clients over the years. This page is updated a lot because the great results just keep on coming! If you want results like these, call Shawn now at 616-438-6719. The call is free so you have nothing to lose! Shawn will be happy to discuss your case with you and see if he can get you the same results you see below! 

Felony Embezzlement charges COMPLETELY DROPPED at 63rd district court! Shawn’s client had to plea guilty to absolutely nothing!

Felony Charge dropped to Misdemeanor at the 17th Circuit Court.  Client had a numerous prior convictions and was on probation when she picked up this felony charge. The client also got no jail time and left us an amazing review.  

Felony Embezzlement charge dropped down to a 93 day misdemeanor with sentencing under HYTA! No Jail and our client will have no record at all if she complete probation!

Accosting a Child for Immoral Purposes, a 4 year felony dropped before trial.  We also filed a motion to keep a prior conviction from being brought up against our client and the Allegan Circuit Court Judge agreed with us!

Our Client was facing a CCW charge in the 17th Circuit Court. Attorney Shawn James Haff was able to get the charge Dismissed! Our Client was thrilled! His dad was also blown away and appreciative of the work Shawn did for his son!

Our Client was falsely accused of Domestic Violence against her teenage daughter. We confidently told the Allegan County Prosecutor’s Office that we were willing to take this case to trial and that we would not be taking a plea deal. Once the Prosecutor’s office saw we were serious about taking the case to trial, they Dropped the charges against our innocent client!

Felony Assault with Strangulation charge dropped down to a one year misdemeanor with sentencing under a diversion program. The client got not jail time and can have a completely clean record if he completes probation  successfully! Our client was thrilled!

Our client was facing one felony drug charge and two misdemeanor drug charges. Felony charge Dismissed! Two misdemeanor charges will be Dropped under 7411!

Our Client was charged with Forgery which is a Felony. We told the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office that our client was innocent. After looking over the evidence we presented them, they dismissed the case several hours later!

Two Felony Drug Charges in Ottawa County Dismissed! Client entered a guilty plea to one misdemeanor drug charge, which will be dismissed under 7411!

Misdemeanor stalking charge dropped in Kentwood, Michigan. 

High BAC data master test result for our client, Shawn was able to get the charge dropped all the way down to an impaired driving. 

Domestic Violence Charge Dropped in Allegan County. 

20-year Felony Delivery/Manufacture of Cocaine and a 10-year Felony Reduced to a four year felony with little jail time. 

Felony Charge dropped at 63rd District Court for Resisting and Obstructing a police officer. 

An unlawful possession of a firearm charge was Dropped at the pretrial when the prosecutor was shown the proper statue and and she agreed that my client complied with the law. He also received his gun back.

Assault and Battery Charged dropped in Ottawa County. 

Our client was facing a felony and a misdemeanor charge in Holland, District Court. Shawn Haff was able to negotiate a plea deal where the felony was dropped and the domestic violence conviction was kept off his 

Domestic Violence case dismissed at the trial because the victim refused to testify.

Another Domestic Violence case were our client walked away with a clean criminal record. 

Possession of Ecstasy charges Dropped to one count of possession of cocaine which is a 4-year felony.

Felony Charge Dismissed at 63rd District Court of Fleeing and Alluding

Retail Fraud Charges Dismissed at 63rd District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

A misdemeanor charge of drunk and disorderly conduct: Not Guilty at Allegan District Court

The misdemeanor charge of failure to stop at a property damage accident Dismissed! We let the prosecutor know that we were willing to take this case all the way to trial and because of this the charge was dropped!

After our client was falsely accused of domestic violence, we fought the case all the way to trial. The prosecutor finally decided to Dismiss the case the day before the jury pick. Our client was thrilled that he didn’t have to take a day off work to prove his innocence. Best of all, his gun rights are no longer in jeopardy.

Misdemeanor providing false information to a police officer Dismissed at Wyoming, District Court. I  built up a strong Alibi defense and the city attorney dropped the charges.

Felony Larceny in a Building Charge Dropped to a misdemeanor at 17th Circuit Court.  Our client was caught red-handed, but we were able to get the charge down to a misdemeanor after fighting for our client. He also got no jail time as well.

Our client was facing years in prison after being charged with criminal sexual conduct! The charges were Dropped at the preliminary exam!

Misdemeanor Charge Dismissed at Muskegon district court.  Our client was facing charges for supposedly stealing prescription pills from his father. We had a pretrial conference with the head prosecutor and he agreed after hearing our side of the case to dismiss the case.

Disorderly conduct charge Dismissed at 63rd District Court—The charge was bogus and brought by an over-aggressive Rockford, Michigan police officer.

A client was facing a 15 year Criminal Sexual Conduct Charge in the 3rd degree, Dropped to a 2-year high court misdemeanor.

Felony Charges Dismissed in Allegan County. Our client was charged with five counts of possession of weapons. He had numerous other felony convictions.  The prosecutor pushed for prison and multiple felony convictions, but we demanded a better deal. We were able to get four of the felony charges dropped, a jail sentence and work release for our client. He was thrilled.

Misdemeanor charges of leaving the scene of a property damage accident Dismissed at Hudsonville District Court.

Felony Charge of Malicious Destruction of Property Dismissed at 61st District Court!

Our Client was facing two felony charges in Ionia County. Thanks to Shawn’s hard work, our client will have two felony charges Dismissed!

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges Dropped in Muskegon County Circuit Court! We worked hard for our client and gathered information that caused the prosecutor to agree to drop all the charges!

Felony fleeing and eluding a police officer charges Dismissed at Allegan Circuit Court.

Retail Fraud Charges Dismissed in Wyoming, Michigan. We came prepared to take our case to trial and after looking over the evidence the city attorney agreed with our conclusion and dropped the charges!

Felony Malicious Destruction of Property Charges Dismissed at 20th Circuit Court

Felony Conspiracy to Maintain a Meth Lab Charge: Dismissed at 63rd District Court

Felony Maintaining a Meth Lab Charge: Dismissed at 63rd District Court

Use of Marijuana Charge: Dismissed at 63rd District Court.

A 17-year-old was charged with possession of child pornography. If convicted, he would have had to register as a sex offender for 25 years. It got reduced to a 90-day misdemeanor with Holmes Youthful Trainee status. He doesn’t have a  record and does not have to register himself as a sex offender.

Assault and Battery Charge: NOT GUILTY VERDICT At Kentwood, District Court

Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed at 63rd district court

Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree ChargeNOT GUILTY at 17th Circuit Court

Domestic Violence charge NOT GUILTY VERDICT at 61st District Court

Four Year Felony Dismissed at Grandville, District Court

Misdemeanor removing theft device charged, Dropped at Grandville District Court.

Retail Fraud Charges completely Dropped at Kentwood, Michigan District Court. 

Conspiracy to commit Armed Robbery Dismissed at 17th Circuit Court

Felony drug charge Dismissed at Kentwood, District Court.

Two Misdemeanors Dismissed in Kalamazoo District Court

Retail Fraud 2nd Degree Charges Dismissed at 63rd District Court

Possession of Marijuana Charges at 63rd District Court, Diversion Program Granted, no criminal record for our client.

Domestic Violence Charges NOT GUILTY VERDICT Kentwood, Michigan

Filing a False Police Report (Felony) Dropped to Misdemeanor in Kent County’s 63rd District Court in Grand Rapids.

Two felony charges dropped to a simple misdemeanor with no jail or probation in Ionia County

Felony Parental Kidnapping charges dismissed in Berrien County

Domestic Violence Charges dismissed at Walker District Court

Possession of Marijuana Chargesnot guilty, at 63rd District Court in Grand Rapids

Domestic Violence Charges dropped in 61st District Court in Grand Rapids

Felony Fraud Charges dropped to misdemeanor charges in Kent County.

Three Felony Fraud Charges dropped to one misdemeanor charge in Ingham County

Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd degree, Charges dropped in Kent County.

Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree, no prison time, six-month jail sentence in Kent County

Felony Drug Charge in Allegan Circuit Court that results in simple probation and no jail for a client with a long history of drug charges. 

Another client in Allegan County who was facing a long prison sentence for Meth use. She had numerous prior convictions but Shawn was able to get her iinto a diversion program that kept her out of jail!

Drunk Driving charge dropped to impaired driving in Allegan County. 

Felony Drug Charges dropped to a misdemeanor in 63rd District court

Retail Fraud, NOT GUILTY VERDICT, in Kentwood, Michigan.

Felony Drug Charges dismissed in Kent County, Michigan.

Felony Retail Fraud dropped to attempt in Kent County, Michigan.

Felony Retail Fraud Charges Dismissed at 17th Circuit Court in Kent County, Michigan

Retail Fraud Charges dismissed at 63rd District Court in Kent County, Michigan.  Our client had two previous retail fraud convictions and was facing his fourth conviction.  On the day of trial, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case because we convinced him he didn’t show the required intent needed to convict him of retail fraud.

Domestic Violence charge dropped in Kentwood, Michigan.

Retail Fraud Charges dropped in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Shoplifting Charges Dismissed at 63rd District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 06-06-20 

Shoplifting Charges Dismissed yet again at 63rd District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 08-20-20 

Felony Child abuse dropped from ten-year felony to one-year misdemeanor in Walker, Michigan.

A client had numerous retail fraud convictions, were were able to keep the client out of jail! 

A client was facing two Domestic Violence charges at 63rd District Court. We were able to keep him out of jail and have him walk away with a no criminal convictions. 

Our client had a history of retail fraud convictions and was one again accused of stealing from a store.  The day of trial the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case because they could not prove the intent to steal. 

Driving While License Suspended dropped down to civil infraction. 

Drunk and Disorderly Charge Reduced to Disturbing the Peace, No Jail, No Probation, at 57th District Court in Allegan County.

Use of Marijuana Charge: 7411 diversion program granted. No reporting probation and no suspended driver’s license. The case was at 63rd District Court.

Possession of Cocaine Charge: Dropped to a Misdemeanor with a 7411 diversion program granted at Kentwood District Court.

No Jail, Client faced Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charge at the 17th Circuit Court Kent County.

Resisting and Obstructing dropped down to a civil infraction. 

No Jail, the client was charged with stabbing a man in the back. She could have received probation and no jail on a case where she could have faced attempted murder charges. A client was charged with stabbing a man in the back. She received probation and no jail on a felony charge where she could have been charged with attempted murder.

Holmes Youthful Trainee Status Granted, A 17-year-old had an underage girl text him a racy, though definitely not pornographic, pictures. He was charged with possession of child pornography. If convicted, he would have had to register as a sex offender for 25 years. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan got it down to a 90-day misdemeanor with Holmes Youthful Trainee status. He doesn’t have a record and does not have to register himself as a sex offender.

Our Client was facing a CCW charge at the 17th Circuit Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shawn was able to get our client HYTA so he can have a clean record!

A gentleman came in and hired us and he was in deep trouble. He was already in serious trouble because of probation on a federal charge.  The gentleman was facing numerous felony charges.  We were able to show he had a rock tight Alibi defense and his charges were dropped in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Disorderly Conduct charge Dropped at the Grand Haven, District Court. 

A domestic violence charge Dropped at Hudsonville, District Court. 

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