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The district court judge in Walker, Michigan is tough but fair. You definitely do not want to face this judge without an experienced attorney from The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan by your side. 

Judge Versluis is known to frequently throw people in jail for drunk driving offenses. We typically see people get up to 30 days in jail for a second offense DUI.  Attorney Shawn Haff knows what Judge Versluis wants to see from people facing criminal charges in his courtroom. 

I have the knowledge you need to avoid jail, prison and a criminal record without getting ripped off by a bad attorney. If you are facing criminal charges in Walker, call us now at 616-438-6719!

The Judge was elected to his office in 1998. He has been on the bench for over twenty years now! His current term is up in 2023, so he will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Versluis went to law school at Thomas Cooley and before his election he worked as a prosecutor in Kent County. 


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A Tough City Attorney

The city attorney in Walker is real tough! She doesn’t like to offer lesser charges as plea deals when she is handling a criminal case. We’ve spent years building a relationship with the city attorney. We will put that relationship to work for our clients in order to get them the best results possible! You do not want to go into court without an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side at this courthouse!

On the other hand, if you are facing a charge from the county prosecutor, the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office is much easier to deal with. You can tell if you are facing charges from the Kent County if the opposing party in your case is Chris Becker or The People of the State of Michigan. If you see the City of Walker as the party against you, rest assured you will be dealing with the city attorney. 


Walker Case Results

September 30th, 2019

Our client was facing 30 days in jail! Because she followed our advise and took the proactive steps necessary to avoid this kind of punishment, our client walked away without 30 days in jail!

July 2019

Our Client was facing a serious felony charge for embezzlement. We were able to get the charge dropped down to a misdemeanor with no probation and no jail! Our Client loves us!

October 2016

Our Client was facing a felony charge for child abuse! Attorney Shawn Haff took the case and got to work immediately! The client was extremely happy to get the charge dropped down to a misdemeanor with no jail! 

 June 2016

Client was facing a serious drug charge. The end result was a misdemeanor charge under a diversion program that allowed him to not have a criminal record if he completed probation and no jail!

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