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Mushrooms, hallucinogenic mushrooms that is, LSD, Peyote and other hallucinogenic drugs are considered Schedule I substances in Michigan. This means that these drugs have an extremely high potential for addiction and abuse. It also means that these drugs serve no legitimate medical purpose. If you get caught in possession of Mushrooms, you will most certainly be facing serious criminal charges.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms impact the human brain. It causes hallucinations. it impacts and alters a person’s sense of reality. A person who is under the influence of Mushrooms will see and hear things that are not real. The effects of this high can be dangerous. These effects include sleeplessness, nausea, an increased heart rate and blood pressure, shallow breathing, loss of muscular coordination and profuse sweating.

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Michigan Penalties for Mushroom Possession

Because mushrooms are Schedule I drugs via the Michigan Penal Code 333.7403, the penalties for mushroom possession, sale, delivery and distribution are harsh.

Individuals convicted for possession of mushrooms, 25 to 50 grams, will face penalties of up to four years in prison.  If you possess more than 1,000 grams of mushrooms, you could be facing more life in prison.

Building Your Defense Against Mushroom Possession

When the mushrooms are found in your pants pocket or in your purse or in your car, it could potentially be difficult to prove to a jury or judge that you were not in possession.  However, even if you were searched by law enforcement and found to be in possession of mushrooms, you have possible defenses that need to be closely examined.  It still may be possible that your constitutional rights were violated by an illegal search and seizure. If this can be proven in court, a motion to suppress evidence can be filed with a local West Michigan court.

Possession charges are based upon the view by local West Michigan law enforcement officials and local prosecutors that an individual involved was in actual:

  • Care
  • Custody
  • Control
  • Management of the mushrooms

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