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“Shawn is smart, appropriately aggressive, and gets great results. Shawn Haff is a diligent lawyer who knows the in's and out's of criminal practice of Western Michigan. Mr. Haff is appropriately aggressive, extremely knowledgeable, flexible and affordable. I'm proud to endorse this lawyer. I would hire him Shawn without hesitation.”
Erin McAleer
“Shawn is a premier criminal defense attorney in the Grand Rapids area. He combines passion, knowledge, and experience to get the best possible results for his clients. If a friend or loved one was facing a criminal charge in the Kent County area, I would definitely retain Shawn Haff.”
Jarred Austin
“I endorse Shawn. Avvo and pro bono contributions are excellent. Knowledge of criminal law and procedure is significant. Client reviews are stellar. READ THEM! Do yourself a favor if you are in or near Grand Rapids and schedule a consultation with him.”
Peter Marek
“I gladly endorse Attorney Haff. Mr. Haff definitely cares about those he serves and is quite knowledgeable about criminal defense. Attorney Haff’s professionalism and concern for others make it easy to endorse him and proud to call him a colleague.”
Ed Sternisha
“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Haff is a professional. He treats his clients with respect and always zealously advocates for his clients.”
James Kiebel
“A tough and thorough litigator.”
William Housley
“Shawn Haff is a competent defense attorney who always puts the needs of his clients before his own. Anyone facing a criminal prosecution would be wise to contact Mr. Haff.”
Steve Hilton
“Great all around Criminal Defense Specialist who goes the extra mile and keeps his clients informed along the way.”
Ryan Maesen
"I strongly endorse Mr.Haff in all areas of law associated with criminal and DUI defense. He is a tremendous advocate for his clients."
Jeremiah Denslow
"I endorse Shawn. Highly respected in the legal community with a strong reputation for client advocacy and dedication."
Richard Geller
"I endorse this lawyer's work & ethic."
Geoffrey Haveman

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