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The Greenville defense attorneys and lawyers of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan are here to aggressively defend your rights!  We understand that good people make mistakes! We also understand that good people sometimes get falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit.

Don’t wait, call The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today at 616-438-6719 if you are being charged with a crime in Greenville, Michigan.

If you’re looking for the criminal defense attorney, you need to contact Shawn at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan. Shawn is a five-star rated attorney who fights hard for his clients and gets amazing results! 

If you have recently been arrested and charged with a crime, we know that you are feeling nervous. We know you are terrified at what to do next. You have questions about your future. Shawn understands these concerns and will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are fully informed as to what is going on and what to expect at every court hearing. 

Here are some rights you are entitled to when you are arrested in Greenville, Michigan. 

You Have The Right to Remain Silent

This right seems simple enough, but in practice it can cause some issues of confusion. You do not have to speak to a police officer, but they are allowed to talk to you. You face no harm on answering basic questions like what your name is and where you live at. After you are told you have the right to remain silent, the next line you will hear is “anything you do or say can and will be used against you.” To put it another way, your words and actions can be used against you for purposes of getting a criminal conviction. You will next be told you have a right to an attorney. It is very important you know the different ways you can get criminal legal representation. 

  • Hire an attorney -If you have the financial means, you can hire outside counsel. Can you afford to have your liberty at risk by using a court appointed attorney that won’t return your phone calls? If you hire a lawyer, make sure you hire a highly rated five-stat attorney like Shawn Haff. 
  • Public defender -If you are broke and do not have the money needed to afford  representation, the courts will assign to you a court appointed attorney or a public defender. These attorneys handle up to ten cases at a time and are swamped with work. 

You Can Stop Questioning When You Want!

One of the last rights that are mentioned to you when Miranda is being read to you is the right to end questioning. This means you can answer some questions and then refuse to answer any more questions. Do not let detectives and police officers convince you to keep talking if you wish to stop talking to them. Politely exercise you right to stop answering their questions. 

Do Not Wait! Hire a Lawyer ASAP!

One you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you have a right to an attorney. The prosecution will pursue their case quickly and with vigor. You will quickly have hearings and be asked how do you want to plea? You will be pressured to move your case forward. Do not move your case forward unless you are being given expert advice by a skilled lawyer you have hired to be on your side.  Call Shawn today if you want a skilled lawyer by your side when you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge in Greenville.  

Types of Charges Shawn Handles in Greenville!

Shawn has handles the follow cases:

  1. Any felony or misdemeanor charges
  2. Drug possession
  3. Drug distribution
  4. Assault and/or battery
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Criminal Sexual Conduct
  7. Home Invasion
  8. Arson
  9. Armed robbery
  10. Larceny
  11. Assault with a deadly weapon
  12. Theft
  13. Retail Fraud
  14. Shoplifting

Case Results in Greenville, Michigan

In 2018, Shawn got a dui reduced to impaired driving

In 2018 Shawn was able to get a retail fraud charge dropped under a diversion program for his client. 

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