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Methamphetamine Possession

Meth Possession Defense Attorneys
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Methamphetamine possession is one of the most serious drug possession charges under Michigan law. If you are found with possession of this drug, you can face an entire decade in prison. The stakes are high. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan knows that this kind of drug charge is no joke and that you need a serious criminal defense law firm to help you fight your drug charges.

This possession charge is a felony charge. If you enter a plea of guilty to a possession of meth charge or are found guilty at trial, you will have a felony conviction on your record. Those who face these charges are scared, afraid they will have their life ruined. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan knows how to guide you through these tough times.

Those who are charged with possession of meth are often addicted to the drug. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan always tries to guide people who are addicted to drugs into counseling. We believe counseling helps!

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Methamphetamine Possession – Laws & Penalties In Michigan

Michigan has some extremely harsh laws regarding the delivery and manufacture of Methamphetamine. Michigan’s laws are also extremely tough regarding the operation or maintaining of a laboratory involving methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine possession is a felony that carries up to ten years in prison and fines up to $15,000. Even if you only have a little meth on you when you get arrested, you can still expect to face a meth possession charge. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan will work hard to help you win your case or fight to get a sentence that will allow you to keep your record clean if you successfully complete probation.

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug

Possession Sentencing Options In Michigan

  • Drug Court — You may be able to get into a local drug court. If you are admitted into your local drug court, you will be given a chance to complete an inpatient or outpatient drug abuse treatment program. The Court will also give you other conditions that you must strictly follow instead of going to jail or prison.
  • Probation — You may be sentenced to probation for up to 2 years for this felony charge in any West Michigan courtroom.  A defendant may still face jail time while on probation. This is also true if you meet all the conditions of your probation. However, it is less likely that a person will face incarceration if they are given probation.
  • Delayed Sentence — If your defense attorney can prove to a judge that you will not engage in this type of criminal behavior again, the court may delay your sentencing for 1 year. During this one year time period, you will likely avoid jail and prison time if you meet the conditions laid out by the court.  You may also avoid incarceration if you show the court you have turned your life around since you were arrested for on your drug charge. Unlike deferred sentencing, a delayed sentence shows up in public record searches.
  • Deferred Sentencing — If you’ve never had a prior drug conviction, you may be able to have your sentence deferred. If you get a deferred sentence, this charge will not show up on your public record. Of course, in order for you to be granted a deferred sentence for possession of Adderall, you need to follow and complete all the terms laid out to you by the court while you are under their supervision. A deferred sentence is something you will only likely get once in your lifetime.

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