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Shawn Haff


Attorney Shawn James Haff has been a lifelong resident of West Michigan. He graduated from Hudsonville High School in 1993. He then went on to Grand Valley State University where he earned two Bachelor degrees: Political Science and Legal Studies. While attending GVSU, Shawn served on the Student Senate and made the Dean’s list on a regular basis. Seeing so many injustices within our political and justice systems, Shawn took his passion and went on to one of the most popular Law School’s in the United States: Thomas M. Cooley Law School. At law school, Shawn received an Honor’s scholarship and a Certification in Litigation. He also made the Dean’s list numerous times and was actively involved in many student activities.

Shawn has honed his legal skills at a local prosecutor’s office, high-profile West Michigan law firms and from handling hundreds of criminal cases. He believes in treating his clients with respect and dignity. Shawn will fight for his client’s rights all the time! He is dedicated to providing his clients with aggressive and affordable representation in all criminal matters. Shawn’s legal skills have been proven in court, where he has an excellent track record in criminal jury trials.

Shawn is a contrarian by nature and he enjoys taking on the Government. He has a healthy skepticism of law enforcement and the police department. This will be evident should he cross-examine the cop that arrested you or that raided your house.

Shawn is well respected in the legal community. Shawn has a vast amount of experience as a Grand Rapids, Michigan criminal defense attorney. Shawn is personally committed to getting the best results for his clients and for being there with them every step of the way in the criminal process. 

Shawn can help you if you have been arrested or just accused of a crime. Shawn believes that his ability to investigate and analyze the facts of your case will get you the best results possible. Shawn knows that putting in the hard work required to get the best results for his clients. Shawn knows that people get what they pay for, but he also doesn’t charge exorbitant fees.  

Shawn gets great results by conducting an in-depth analysis of the facts of the case. Shawn also does in-depths investigation of cases he works on. Because of this hard work Shawn is able to get the best results humanly possible for his clients.  Shawn understands that in order to taste victory, he has to work harder than the prosecutor does.  Achieving justice is tough and if you hire a cheap lawyer achieving justice is nearly impossible. 

Shawn has successfully represented hundreds of people charged with Drunk Driving, DUI, Domestic Violence, theft and drug charges. Shawn has won acquittals, gotten not guilty verdicts and lighter sentences for his client after client. 

Shawn lives with his wife in Jenison, Michigan. They love to follow the Tigers and Lions and also enjoy camping, fishing and Michigan’s great lakes.

If you have any questions about the attorney profiles please contact Shawn at 616-438-6719 and he will be happy to talk to you.

Rob Kardatzke

Rob Kardatzke – Of Counsel handles criminal cases in lower, Southwest Michigan. Rob has gotten numerous not guilty verdicts throughout his 20 year career as a criminal defense attorney. Rob knows the courtrooms in Southwest Michigan like the back of his hand. Rob knows how to get results and always fights hard for his clients. 

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