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Charges of theft and burglary are aggressively prosecuted crimes in Michigan.  The severity of the punishment is tough according to Michigan law.  A defendant is guilty of theft or burglary if he or she:

  • Hides in a building that is not open to the pubic and has the intent to commit a crime like theft or assault.
  • Is found in a building or on the premises when they were told that entrance was not allowed.
  • Goes into a building which is closed to the public with the intent to engage in assault or theft.

A defendant does not have to use force to enter into a building in order to be charged with burglary. The law does not demand that forced entry be proven in order to convict someone of burglary. If you walk into a garage that has an open door and take the car out for a drive, even if you return the car, you can be charged with burglary.

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Being Charged with Burglary, Theft or Receiving Stolen Property

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Until you call Shawn, remember that you should exercise your right to remain silent.

Do not talk to or give a statement to the police without first talking to a lawyer. The police are highly trained professionals They are gathering information to charge you with a crime. There are a lot of people who have talked themselves into a charge, even though they may be innocent.  Call Shawn today if you are facing criminal charges. The call is always free.

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