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Sex Offender Registry Removal

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan gets questions sometimes about Sex offender registry removal.  The Sex Offender Registry Removal process can be confusing and you want to hire a law firm that knows how to handle these types of cases.  We take great pride in keeping our clients informed every step of the way when it comes to these kinds of cases. We know how to get you results!

The amendments have provided for those previously required to register as a sex offender to petition the court to be removed from the from the sex offender registry. There is a chance now that a person maybe able to ask the court to order your sex offender registry removal.

A person only has one chance to request removal from SORA. It is critically important that you hire an attorney who understands the law, to increase your chance of being removed from the Sex Offender Registry.  In a Romeo & Juliet type situation, there are three things that must be shown.  1) there was an age difference of fewer than 4 years between the registrant and the complainant, 2) that the complainant was between the age of 13-15 years at the time of the offense, and 3) that the sexual contact was consensual. 

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan knows how to maximize your chances of being removed from the Sex Offender Reigistry. Call Shawn now at 616-438-6719 to get the best results possible!

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