Criminal defense lawyers work hard every day to get his clients the best results possible. Every once in awhile, we get asked, “What does a Criminal Defense Lawyer do?”

When I’m asked this question, the first thing I tell clients is that I defend their innocence. While our criminal justice system assumes you are innocent until proven guilty, the reality is that innocent people get charged with serious felonies and misdemeanors every single day across all West Michigan courts. Criminal defense attorneys are able to help clients get outstanding results for their clients that were completely innocent of the charges they were facing.

 The second thing I would tell a client is that we defend their rights. The United States Constitution provides us with certain fundamental rights. When the government doesn’t follow the rules, we will make sure the government pays for that mistake. This may lead to clients getting their charges dropped or a much better plea-deal than they may have gotten otherwise. There is a saying in the legal world, “Loose lips sink ships.” Police officers, the FBI and jail guards will act like they are your friend. We tell all of our clients and to all reading this blog to exercise the right to remain silent. It will help you and your lawyer a lot!

Your Lawyer Gives you Knowledge!

What else does a Criminal Defense Lawyer do? He gives you knowledge! When you have a tough fighter on your side, you will be given valuable insight on what steps you need to take to get the best results possible on your case. This knowledge includes:
  1. Why you shouldn’t talk to the police
  2. What your charges are
  3. What are the penalties of your charges
  4. What defenses you might have against the charges
  5. Best plea bargains you can get for your case
  6. If you can win  your case at trial

The final answer I would give people when they ask, “What does a criminal defense lawyer do” is they protect their clients’ future.  If you are facing a charge related to drugs, you can lose your legal ability to drive. A criminal defense attorney can help their clients avoid that.

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