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Kids Lie

If you are a person who is innocent of child molestation, being accused of such a heinous crime is a terrifying experience.  Perhaps without warning, your life has been torn apart by a kids’ lie. Your neighbors, friends, family members and society as a whole are suspicious of you. The penalties for the crime you are being accused of could destroy you.  You may very well be fired from your job, lose your family, experience a loss of friends and of course your freedom.

Kids lie. They can lie about simple things like if they cleaned their room. Kids lie about extremely important issues like if they stole.  And if you are wondering if kids lie about being sexually abused the answer is yes!

As any lawyer who has represented someone accused of criminal sexual conduct against a child knows there is a myth out there that kids wouldn’t lie about sexual abuse.  The cold harsh reality of those charged with child molestation is that the vast majority of jurors will take the word of the kid as all the evidence that is needed to convict someone of sexual assault. So much for the benefit of the doubt with regards to the presumption of innocence.  If you are charged with child molestation, you need an attorney that understands you will need to aggressively act to prove your innocence if you take your case to trial.

So why do kids lie? There are various reasons why.  The key to understanding is to find out as much as possible about the child, to examine the family life to see what was going on in the child’s life when they told the lie.  Adults can influence a child to tell a lie regarding sexual assault.  A child may sometimes lie because they believe it will help get them out of trouble.

Once your attorney has established a reason why the child has told a false story, your attorney must be able to provide this story to the jury in a clear-cut manner that a jury finds believable.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney who has handled Criminal Sexual Conduct charges before, you need to call Shawn at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today. We have the attorneys who know that it is important to discover why a child is lying about your case. We understand that you need to have an attorney who will feel driven to prove your innocencea at trial. We have the attorneys that will be ready to cross-examine the child effectively at trial.

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