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Kent County Prosecutors Want You To Plea Guilty

Kent County prosecutors are trying to get people to plea guilty to charges right after the defendant’s enter a not guilty plea at the arraignment.  What happens is this:  after the not guilty plea is entered, the defendant is told to go in and see the prosecutor’ right after the defendant enters their plea.  It is never a good idea to talk to a prosecutor about your case without a lawyer.  We know what to do to get you the best results possible!  During this conversation with the prosecutor, defendants are given take it or leave it offers.  Sadly, many people enter a plea without first talking to one of the aggressive criminal defense lawyers that work here at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan. Kent County Prosecutors will not look out for your best interest.  Their job is to get a guilty a plea when there have been criminal charges issued! Call Shawn now at 616-438-6719 and he will gladly help you out!

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