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How To Win Your Drug Case

One of the best ways to go about winning your drug case is challenging an illegal search and seizure. If we can prove that the search which provided drugs or paraphernalia violated the United States or Michigan Constitution, that evidence will be inadmissible in a trial against you.

In order for a law enforcement officer to pull you over, the officer must have probable cause to believe you have done something that violated the law. Attorney Shawn Haff and the lawyers of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan will examine all aspects of your case. If we find grounds to challenge the search, we will advise you of this and file the motion on your behalf.

If a police officer asks you for consent, politely refuse to give him consent. If you consent to a search, it will be much more difficult to suppress any evidence the officer might find from the search of your car or house.

Examination Of The Witnesses Against You

Eyewitness testimony can be unreliable. We have reviewed the police report where the eyewitness testimony seemed to lack credibility. You can rest easy knowing that if you have Attorney Shawn Haff or another lawyer at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan representing you, we will point out all flaws of the testimony to the prosecutor and jury at trial to get you the best results possible! We know how to cross-examine witnesses who will testify against you at trial.

The burden of proof in a drug case rests with the prosecutor. We understand that it is not a crime to be in close proximity to drugs. This proximity could be being at the same house, apartment or vehicle were drugs are present. Do not become another victim of another person’s drug crime. Call us now at 616-438-6719! We know how to get you the results you deserve!

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