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Credit Card And Debit Card Crimes

In Michigan law, debit cards and credit cards are also called financial transaction devices. This list also includes gift cards or rebate cards. In Michigan, Credit Card and Debit Card Crimes are taken very seriously by all local prosecutors. If you are facing a felony or misdemeanor charge for Credit Card and Debit Card Crimes, you need to call Shawn now at 616-438-6719. Do not face these serious charges alone!

Penalties for Credit and Debit Card Crimes (FTD = Financial Transaction Device)




Maximum Imprisonment and Fines

Possession of FTD with intent

4 years and/or $5,000.00

Forgery of FTD

4 years and/or $5,000.00

Use of FTD in excess of funds or limits
Under $200

93 days and/or $500 or 3x the value of property

Use of FTD in excess of funds or limits
$200 but less than $1,000

1 year and/or $2,000 or 3x the value of property

Use of FTD in excess of funds or limits
$1,000 but less than $20,000

5 years and/or $10,000 or 3x the value of property


The Amount Illegally Taken in Multiple Transactions Could Lead To Felony charges

In cases involving crimes such as credit card fraud or debit card fraud, the prosecutor may opt to charge separately for each illegal transaction or may opt to pursue a felony charge when the amount of multiple transactions is $1,000.00 or more. Under Michigan law, restitution can be ordered once someone is convicted of this crime.

Credit Card Fraud: Unlawful Possession, Lack of Consent

If a person has possession of a credit card without the consent of the person named on the credit card, prosecutors can file felony charges. Most of the time when this is the case, the credit card was stolen from a house or vehicle.

If the police show up to talk to you about illegal use of a credit card or illegal possession of a credit card, do not talk to them! The police are trained skillfully to use interrogation tactics to get a person to confess to a crime or at least appear to confess to a crime. If the police obtain a confession, that will destroy any defenses you may have. The police may ask you to take a polygraph examination. Do not take one without first talking to a skilled criminal defense attorney like Shawn Haff.

We work with clients in all West Michigan courts at every stage of the criminal process. If you are currently being investigated for a crime, have been arrested or have been charged with a crime, Shawn and his team of lawyers can help you!  We have the skilled needed to win at trial or get you the best results possible. We are trained to make sure every possible defense you can raise is used in your defense. Please, always remember to never talk to police about your case. Please politely decline to speak to them unless you have hired an attorney to represent you.  The police will use every word against you and that is a promise!

Our approach to getting our clients the best results possible has a proven track record in Michigan courtrooms. We have handled thousands of cases and have over 30 years of experience in all West Michigan courts. Once you contact Shawn today, you will realize you made the right choice. 

If you are being charged or questioned about illegal use of a credit or debit card, call Shawn today as 616-438-6719. The call is free. Will you be?


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