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Tax Evasion

Crimes that deal with the tax code often deal with Tax evasion. This offense is typically one that deals with a person or company not reporting all of their income. Tax evasion can also deal with a company or person claiming too many deductions or not paying payroll taxes.

Local, state and federal law enforcement officials will strictly enforce all laws related to tax evasion. In order to keep people from cheating on their taxes, a person who commits tax evasion must be made a public example of.

Tax crimes are very tough to handle. The evidence that will be gone over by an attorney defending a person charged with tax fraud is massive. If you don’t hire the right attorney, you will not be given the tough, aggressive defense you need when facing Uncle Sam!

Tax crimes will take a lot of investigation by legal authorities. It does not matter if this investigation is done by federal or state law enforcement officers. A smart person will take advantage of this time to work with his attorney to prepare a strong defense before charges are filed. Doing so will prepare you for criminal charges but also prepare you for a potential civil audit.

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