Let’s face reality! High school and college kids can make some really stupid decisions! In fact, if we are honest, they make a lot of bad choices during their teenage and early twenties.  The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan believes that one bad choice by your son or daughter in college shouldn’t ruin the rest of their life! Attorney Shawn James Haff understands that parents hope their child makes good choices once they leave home, but the reality is that sometimes high school and college kids need to hire an aggressive and experienced defense attorney like Shawn Haff to help guide them through the complex criminal justices system. This post will help you answer the question, “Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer For My College Student?”

Attorney Shawn James Haff of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan has plenty of experience representing youthful offenders and offenders who are in trouble for the first time.

Compassionate Criminal Defense Lawyers

If your college-attending child gets a criminal record, they are at risk of losing federal student aid. Your child is also at risk of having a very hard time getting gainful employment when they are done with school. It may also get them expelled from their college.

Our criminal defense lawyers are willing to help clients who are charged with:

Criminal Law And School Policy

When your college or high school student commits a crime, the fate of your child will be dealt with at a court of law. In front of a judge, with prosecutors presenting evidence and potentially a jury trial. If your child has violated a school policy, the punishment your child will face will be determined by the disciplinary system of the school your child attends. (See what happens currently at Calvin College)

The university your child attends will probably have a lower standard of proof than your child would have at a court of law. If your child is an athlete, they may be kicked off their teams until the charges are dropped or until your child is found not guilty. Regardless of the outcome, your child’s rights will be protected and the outcome will be better off if you hire a competent and compassionate criminal defense attorney like Shawn at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan.

College Students Can Be Taken Advantage Of

Many college students are experiencing their freedom away from their parents for the first time in their life. This means when they get in trouble, they are long gone from their support system. Your child will have no idea how to stand up for their right and your child will not be able to build up a strong defense for their case.  Your child needs to have a criminal defense lawyer by their side if they are facing criminal charges.

The Detrimental Impact of a Criminal Record Criminal Record

If your child is pursuing a degree in criminal justice, education, or health care, they will need the best legal representation to avoid a permanent criminal record. Your child will not be able to pursue careers in these fields if they are convicted of a crime.

If your college student is charged with DUI and/or MIP, you’ll want to hire an criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to prevent them from losing their driver’s license. Many college students depend on their driver’s license to drive to school, internships, and jobs. Other DUI consequences for college students include losing scholarship funding or even being expelled from their college.

How a Defense Attorney Shawn James Haff Can Help

Attorney Shawn James Haff has the necessary experience find out what your child’s best defenses are and if you can take your case to trial and win! If your child’s case can’t be won at trial, Shawn will work with your child every step of the way to get them the best results possible. Do no have your child talk to police without first talking to Attorney Shawn James Haff.

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Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer For My College Student? The answer is Yes!