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Shoplifting Penalties

If you are arrested for Shoplifting or retail fraud in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you need to call the best criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan Shawn Haff today at 616-438-6719.  Shawn has the proven track record to get you the best result possible. 

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor charge in Michigan. The strength of the defense your attorney presents will be the biggest factor in the outcome of your case.  Do not face this serious misdemeanor charge without a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side. Many people regret not retaining a lawyer to help them with these charges. 

In Michigan, retail fraud includes fraudulent merchandise returns, switching price tags, and failing to pay for items. Depending on the amount of money someone shoplifts, the penalties could be 93 days in jail, one year in jail or prison time. Penalties could also include huge fines and court costs.  Considering your freedom and more is at stake, you need to create the best possible defense you can with Criminal Defense Lawyer Shawn Haff.  

Intent Is A Key Defense In A Shoplifting Case

A prosecutor must always prove to a jury that the person charged with shoplifting intended to take an item without paying for it. If you take an item and walk out the store without paying for it, that can be used as intent. If see a price tag lying on a shelf by an item you want to buy, and place that tag on the item you intend to pay for but find out that the price tag belongs to another item, you have shown criminal intent. (This assumes the price is lower of course)

In far too many cases, people admit to trying to steal the items they get caught walking out of the store with. That is very powerful proof of a person’s intent. If you are pulled aside for shoplifting, be polite but do not admit to anything. They may say if they call the police you will go to jail but the vast majority of the time this is not true. In many cases, the police officer will simply issue citation to appear in court for an arraignment regarding the shoplifting charge. 

How To Create The Best Defense

When you are arrested and charged with retail fraud or shoplifting in Grand Rapids,  Michigan, you will be given a chance to defend yourself against the charges. The best way to do that is by calling a local criminal defense lawyer near you like Shawn Haff. Shawn will answer all your questions and help you create the best defense possible. He will guide you through the complex criminal justice system. 

You also need to talk to Shawn about what your options are regarding the best defense possible. An attorney like Shawn Haff has handled a massive amount of criminal defense cases for nearly 15 years now. Shawn will provide guidance and make recommendations as to what options are available to you. Where your civil rights violated? Were you distracted and simply forgot to pay? Do you have an alibi defense?   This support will be valuable to you and help you get a positive result on your shoplifting charge. 

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