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False Allegations

Just suggesting someone has raped another person is enough to ruin a reputation, which is why it is especially important for police and prosecutors to only arrest someone on suspicion of rape once they have sufficient, verifiable evidence. If they act prematurely, they may cause irreparable damage to an individual’s life. This is why you need to contact the Criminal Defense Law Center if you are being investigated for any type of Criminal Sexual Conduct charge. Do not let false allegations ruin your life!

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Examples Of False Allegations

A Lexington woman doesn’t seem to have cared. The 38-year-old actively lied to police about being raped not once, but twice.  One man, however, was not so lucky. In 2003, he was convicted of raping the woman and served nearly 10 years in prison before his case was dismissed following evidence of her most recent false allegations.

The woman will spend between five to 14 years in prison for both filing a false felony report and tampering with evidence.

The woman contacted police a few days after her alleged rape, but when she was brought to the hospital, the numerous bruises on her face washed off. The woman even carved the word “slut” into her arm.

There aren’t many people who go around lying about being raped, but her story serves another purpose. It shows just how dangerous an accusation can be. Without proper investigation and a good criminal defense law firm on your side like The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan, innocent men and women can be sent to jail for crimes they never committed. Do not let False Allegations of Criminal Sexual Conduct ruin your life!

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