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Cobbs Agreement

If you have entered a plea or been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge in a Michigan court, you are probably concerned about what the sentence will be for your misdemeanor or felony criminal charge. The judges in Michigan who deal with criminal charges follow a theory called individualized sentencing. This simply means that every person is sentenced based on the circumstances of their case and their background. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan and Attorney Shawn Haff will go over all important and relevant information to allow you to be given a fair and just sentence. Shawn will let you know if a Cobbs Agreement is something that can help you get a more lenient sentence. This will also give you a chance to mitigate your sentence. The judge will consider this information and then try to balance that with the needs of society. Rest assured that Shawn will get you the best results possible through a Cobbs Agreement if this is the best step for you to take. 

What The Judges Takes Into Consideration

There are four logical things that a judge must consider in their sentencing.

  1. Protection of society
  2. The reformation of the offender
  3. To provide deterrence for others from committing a similar offense
  4. The disciplining of the wrongdoer

Finals Throughts On A Cobbs Agreement

Under a Cobbs agreement, a judge will give a person advice as to what the judge expects to be a fair and just sentence. One example of this would be the judge telling a defendant that I will sentence you on the low end of the sentencing guidelines. Or the judge may say I will give you 7 months in jail. The Judge will base his Cobbs agreement on the specific facts of the case in front of him and also base the Cobbs agreement on the defendant’s criminal history. In many cases where the maximum penalty of sentencing guidelines are high, it will be in the best interest of the accused to ask the judge for a Cobbs agreement. Like many things in life, not knowing is always a major fear factor. Even if the penalty will still be harsh, the defendant will still feel a sense of closure. 

Once you enter a plea based on a Cobbs agreement, if the judge later on decides he will not follow the Cobbs agreement, you will be given a chance to withdraw your plea. If you violate a condition the Judge required you to follow before he sentences you, you will not be able to withdraw your plea. There are many judges that will not allow for a Cobbs agreement to be entered at their court. However, if it is available, you need a lawyer like Shawn Haff on your side to get you the best results possible! Call Shawn now at 616-438-6719! The call is free! Will you be?

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