Client Praise

Our Clients’ Praise Means A Lot To Us!


Shawn was great handling my OWI case. He was informative on what I should expect and advised me on the steps to take to get a lesser charge and sentencing. I was able to get my case dropped to an OWVI and walked out with minimal sentencing. Thanks Shawn!  Kristi

Great Lawyer

“Shawn always returned my e-mails and got me a great result on my case when I was facing a felony charge. I walked out of court with only a misdemeanor conviction. He was always understanding of my situation and always honest with me.”  Troy

Helped Me Out Of A Tough Spot With A Good Results

I was facing a possession charge, & possible jail time, I ended up just getting probation. I have hired Shawn ever since. He’s very educated on everything & knows the right plea you should take.—-Kelsie

Shawn Is Very Educated

Shawn is a very good lawyer. He’s polite and always answered my calls and even went above and beyond to help me during my case. I would recommend him. Stick with Shawn and you will be good!


Shawn Is A Very Good Lawyer!

“Mr. Haff as a lawyer I can’t say enough about what a wonderful job he does! As the parent of a teen who needed help, he also talked to my teen and was very honest on the situation they were in. In the court room very knowledgeable on what will be the best path to take. Very professional thru the entire sistuation with the courts and also the client. I would not hesitate calling Mr. Haff for your legal concerns! I hope this helps answer some questions that I had when my family member was looking also!”


I can’t say enough about Mr. Haff as a lawyer!

5.0 stars

“Shawn was amazing throughout my sons learning experience. My son was originally cited for possession and Shawn was able to get him the 7411. My son then violated probation and also committed a felony during the violation. Shawn immediately went to the jail the night my son was arrested to give him some comfort. After he served his time (26 days) for the violation, Shawn was able to get his felony reduced to a misdemeanor and my son was sentenced to time served and 12 months probation. Keeping my son from additional jail time is allowing him to start college this fall as planned. Loved Shawn! Would recommend him to anyone in trouble. He’s real and won’t give you lip service just to keep you as a client. Also very affordable for the work that he does. Thank you Shawn!”—-Melissa

Felony Dropped!

“I was facing first degree felony retail fraud Shawn got it down to attempt. I received 2 years probation and 100 hours community service! with no jail time Thanks A Million Shawn”–Julie

Thanks A Million Shawn

“I have to say we found Shawn by happenstance. I just started looking in the area and found his web site and name. I read the numerous reviews and most had great things to say about Shawn. I called Shawn on a weekend and to my surprise Shawn called me back outside of office hours. He was quick to telephone and set up an appointment. I know that it is impossible to an attorney to guarantee an outcome. What they can do is work their hardest to get the best outcome possible for you or your loved one. Our outcome was exactly what we had hopped for and I can not thank Shawn enough for his caring professional approach to the case. If your not sure what Attorney to choose, and you feel lost with all the choices, give Shawn a chance, he won’t let you down.”


Give Shawn A Chance, He Won’t Let You Down!

“Shawn was an amazing help for my case. He always answered my calls, emails and took my case very seriously and was patient with me through the whole process. He’s a great guy and he’s a great lawyer. Thanks so much Shawn!”


Shawn was an amazing help for my case!

“I was facing jail time because of a probation violation. The p.o. wanted me to do ten days downtown and the judge was very hostile.  Shawn boldly defended me and told the judge the p.o.’s request was outrageous.  Thanks to Shawn’s efforts, I walked out of court a free man with no jail time. I would definitely recommend hiring Shawn! Thanks again!”


Shawn boldly defended me and told the judge the p.o.’s request was outrageous.
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Because every case is different and driven by its own individual facts, the outcome of your case could be different than the outcome the clients got in their cases listed above. Attorney Shawn Haff can make no promise, assurance, or guarantee that the same results listed here will occur in your case if you retain The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan.

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