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You need to know about Michigan Sexting Laws. Being ignorant of these laws can ruin your life!

Michigan Sexting Laws

The act of sexting is not illegal under Michigan law. It is a criminal offense to send photos that are sexually explicit of people who

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Having a Michigan Restricted License is a major struggle in your life!

Michigan Restricted License

Like most of our liberties, people take their privilege to drive for granted. When your license is suspended or restricted, that privilege quickly shows you

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Saying No to Drugs is Important for Teenagers

How To Say No To Drugs

Drug abuse is no joke. The devastating impact it has on families, society and the individual using illegal narcotics is substantial. Parents losing their sons

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Destruction of property is a serious crime in Michigan

Destruction of Property

We see people facing destruction of property charges all the time. The main factor in determining if the charge you face will be a misdemeanor

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