A question Attorney Shawn James Haff of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan gets asked is, “what happens if my child is arrested for drugs at School?”  If you, your child or any loved one is facing charges because of possession of illegal drugs you need to call us now at 616-438-6719!

You may be upset and angry! You may be confused about what you need to do to help your child fight their charges! The first thing you need to do is call Shaw now at 616-438-6719! He will guide you and your child through this process and make sure all your questions are answered!

Drug Possession Law and Schools

We will be happy to let you and your child know what the possible consequences are for drug possession at school.  Shawn knows how to get diversion programs for your child like HYTA and 7411!

Drug Testing at Schools

If your child is participating in sports or other competitive activities, they are subjected to random drug testing. This is due to a 2002 decision by the United States Supreme Court. The desire of this law is to help catch and prevent minors from using drugs. If minors are caught using drugs, the desire is to get them help asap!  If you hire our skilled drug crime lawyers and attorneys, you give your child the best chance possible of living a life that isn’t impacted for years because of a poor choice made by your child. Our lawyers will make sure your child knows the legal, mental and physical impacts of drug abuse.

Deferred Sentence under Section 7411

Your child may be allowed to get a deferred sentence under Section 7411 if:

  • They have never been convicted of the possession or use of a controlled substance
  • They have only one prior conviction for possession or use of a controlled substance
  • They are not charged with delivery of a drug or a possession with intent to deliver or manufacturing of drugs.

What happens if my child is arrested for drugs at school? A lot of troubling things, you need to call Shawn asap to help out your college student at 616-438-6719.

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