Don’t Make These Top Mistakes People Make in Criminal Cases

As a criminal defense lawyer, I see people make poor choices all the time when it comes to handling the criminal charge against them. I tell my clients all the time to don’t make these top mistakes people make in criminal cases! One common mistake is thinking you can explain your situation to the officer. People mistakenly believe they can talk their way out of the charges or a citation at the scene of the crime or the traffic stop. Don’t fall for this mistake. Do not talk to the police! Do not make statements! Do not offer an explanation! Do not provide information. Time and time again, I have seen people make things worse for themselves by talking to police. People talk themselves into additional charges and make it harder for their defense lawyer to get the best results possible for them by talking to police.

The other grave mistake people make is that they don’t need a lawyer.  These people think that they can handle the case themselves. I’ve watched numerous people in court hurt themselves by not hiring a lawyer. Prosecutor’s love dealing with people who don’t have a lawyer because they know they don’t have a clue about the law and can be bullied into taking plea deals that are not in their best interest.  I’ve been trained in the law and I know the local prosecutors and the judges. I know what you need to do in order to avoid jail and get the best results possible. Always hire a lawyer and never talk to the police if you are facing criminal charges.

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