Possession of Vicodin Laws In Michigan

Vicodin is a popular prescription medication that is given out regularly by doctors to help control pain. Vicodin is made up of two differnent painkillers: hydrocodone and acetaminophen.  Hydrocodone is an opioid and it is a very strong narcotic.

 Illegal use of Vicodin

In the United States adults with severe pain use Vicodin to help them relieve the pain.  If you use Vicodin with a valid prescription, you are not engaging in illegal activity. However, if you possess vicodin without a prescription you are engaging in illegal activity. It is also illegal to sell Vicodin. You may not consume Vicodin without a prescription under Michigan law and federal law. without a prescription,


Vicodin is also called Vics, Vicos, Watsons, Hydros, Lorris, Tabs, and 357s on the streets. Many people like to use Vicodin just to get high. People get Vicodin illegally by stealing it, using a fake prescription or by buying it from someone who has a prescription. Doctor shopping is another way people get Vicodin illegally. This happens when a person goes around to various doctors complaining about how severe their pain is. After doing this, they may get a doctor to give them a prescription for Vicodin. It is tough to doctor shop in Michigan because of the MAPS system. The system allows doctors to check in in their patient to see if they have gotten other Vicodin or other drug prescriptions from other doctors.

Even with a legal prescription, Vicodin is an addictive and dangerous narcotic.  You are told by your doctor that you should never drink alcohol or use sedatives, tranquilizers or other narcotics if you are using Vicodin.

A person can overdose on Vicodin. If you overdose,  you risk causing severe damage to your liver and face respiratory failure. Vicodin misuse can lead to addiction and death. There are many signs of Vicodin overdose: loss of appetite, itching, jaundice and nausea and common symptoms.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 1 in 20 high school seniors have abused Vicodin. Because of the danger of Vicodin, federal laws have gotten tougher and federal restrictions are getting tougher. A doctor’s office must mail the Vicodin prescription to the pharmacy or have the patient can take the prescription directly to the pharmacy. A doctor is no longer allowed to simply call in the prescription.

Vicodin and Michigan Law

Under the Controlled Substances Act, Michigan law classifies Vicodin as a Schedule 3 drug. If you are arrested for use, possession or sale of Vicodin in Michigan, you are facing jail or prison time and heavy fines.

Use of Vicodin:

Under Michigan law, it is a misdemeanor to illegally use Vicodin. The maximum punishment is up to a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Possession of Vicodin:

Possession of this drug is a two-year felony under Michigan law. The maximum fine you will face is $2,000.

Delivery of Vicodin:

Illegal delivery of Vicodin is a felony under Michigan law. A person is facing up to seven years in prison and a heavy fine of up to $10,000.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me Win my Vicodin Possession Case

When it comes to drug charges in Grand Rapids Michigan or any other West Michigan case, prosecutors do not have a high burden to meet to prove you are guilty of Vicodin possession.  If a West Michigan prosecutor can show you had Vicodin pills in your possession and if they can show you knew they were Vicodin you will more than likely be convicted of the charge. The judge in your case will instruct the jurors to focus the two factors mentioned above and if the jury believes those factors have been satisfied they need to convict because there is no reasonable doubt.

If you retain The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan, we will seek to counter all evidence presented by the prosecution. We will work hard to create reasonable doubt. We have many ways to do this. Here are some examples of evidence will we try to present to do create reasonable doubt includes the following examples:

  • Show that you have a valid prescription for Vicodin because you suffer from for chronic pain or another valid medical reason.
  • The hydrocodone belonged to another person.
  • The police confused you with another person. That person had the Vicodin, not you.
  • You had no reason to believe the pills were hydrocodone or another illegal drug.
  • Police illegally pulled you.
  • The police searched you or your car without cause and thus the search is illegal.

Vicodin crimes are serious drug offenses under Michigan law. A drug conviction can cause you to lose your driving privileges, can cause you to be denied financial aid for college and cause you to lose your job. Because of this, you need to call Shawn immediately if you are facing charges for possession of Vicodin or any other charges related to Vicodin now at 616-438-6719! The call is free! will you be?

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