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Possession of Analogues

Possession Of Analogues

Possession of analogues or analog drugs are those which have a remarkably similar chemical nature to other illicit or illegal drugs such as deadly heroin. Oxycontin and Vicodin are good designer drugs that come in a pill form. Attorney Shawn Haff has handled successfully numerous drug cases and knows how to get his clients the best results possible. Do not face a felony charge for possession of analogues without having Shawn by your side!

A lot of people become addicted to analogues because they feel they can get a similar high to more risky drugs such as cocaine and not deal with the fear of being arrested. This feeling is false and causes numerous people to face felony charges. Other people become addicted to designer drugs because they were suffering from an injury and used these drugs to help them cope with the severe pain they were feeling. The penalties under Michigan law for possessing these drugs are extremely serious. The penalties you face for a conviction could be incarceration and losing your driver’s license. Shawn knows how to keep his clients out of prison and how to keep your driving privileges.

Possession of Analogues Drugs is Serious Crime In Michigan!

Vicodin, Valium, Oxycontin and other analog drugs are illegal to possess when the user does not have a valid prescription from a doctor. These drugs can produce pleasurable highs when they are taken in high doses. Prosecutors and police officers vigorously purse charges against those in possession of these drugs. They will turn over every stone to try to charge a person in possession of these drugs into distribution and manufacture charges which carry with it substantial prison time.

Under Michigan law, use of analogue is only a misdemeanor charge. It carries with it up to one year in jail and a stiff fine of $1,000 or both.  

If a person is charged with possession of an analogues, they will face a felony offense. This means a person can face up to two years in prison and a tough fine of up to $2,000 or both.

If a person gets convicted of possession with intent to distribute, deliver, sell, or manufacture these drugs the penalties get serious. A person is now facing up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 or both!

If you have prior felony convictions, or prior drug convictions there will be enhanced penalties which will increase the amount of incarceration a person will face.

How We Handle These Cases

Shawn and his team of expert lawyers have handled numerous drug cases from selling of narcotics to delivery of narcotics. We have dealt with undercover police officers and the drug enforcement teams. We have represented clients who simply gave some pills to a family member or friend who was in pain.

Possession of any illegal drug is a felony. Delivery or intent to manufacture a drug is a much more serious felony charge. As bad as these charges are when you are facing them, know that there is a silver lining found in this dark cloud you are dealing with right now. With an expert lawyer by your side, you can make it through these charges and thrive.

When our clients have no prior drug convictions, Shawn will work hard to get the 7411-diversion program. This program will allow his clients to get a criminal conviction for possession of analogue off their record. When a person fills out a job application, they can truthfully say they have never been convicted of a criminal charge. It also means you will not lose your driver’s license and all the fees that go with that.  In other cases, Shawn will work with younger clients to get HYTA.

When our clients are given HYTA or 7411, they are placed on probation and drug testing. Once probation is successfully completed, our clients never have to worry about that charge being on their record. However, if our clients fail probation, they will end up having a criminal record.

Handling Cases Where Clients Have Prior Convictions for Drugs

When our clients have a prior drug conviction on their record, the focus goes to keeping our clients out of jail or prison and reducing the charges. Of course, if you are innocent of the charges, we are happy to take our case to trial. We have a successful track record of getting our clients into drug courts and rehab that allow them to break the habit and stay out of jail. It also helps to know the local judges and prosecutor’s very well. Which is why we limit our practice to just West Michigan courtrooms.

Unless the drug charges get dropped or our clients are found not guilty at trial, it is especially important to start counseling right away. If a person enters any sort of plea deal regarding drug charges, they will be ordered to rehab or treatment anyways. We can help our clients find the best treatment programs out there!

If you are facing criminal charges related to analogues or other drugs, please call Shawn now at 616-438-6719. The call is free, will you be?

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