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Why do so many drunk driving accidents happen in Ottawa County and why is having an expert Ottawa County OWI Lawyer so Important?

Ottawa County leads the State of Michigan in drunk driving accidents and fatalities as a result of the city’s massive population and expansive highway system, which includes I-96, I-196, US 31. If you get arrested and charged with a DUI and do not retain an experienced Ottawa County DUI lawyer, you are complicating an already complicated situation.

Additionally, the National Highway and Transportation Association found that 34 percent of all alcohol-related car crashes that resulted in fatalities were caused by drivers between the ages of 21 and 24. Because Ottawa County has a number of college campuses and universities, including the Baker College, Grand Valley State University, Hope College, Grand Rapids Community College, and Davenport University Ottawa County police officers are on constant alert to safeguard against drunk drivers.

How will an Ottawa County DUI Attorney help me?

Because we know the judges, prosecutors and the law!  We know the tricks the local ottawa county prosecutors and police officers play to get people to appear guilty of dui in ottawa count.  Finally, we have the Grand Rapids Michigan DUI lawyers who will always look at: (1) the issue of drunk driving, (2) intoxicated driving, (3) impaired driving, (4) legal intoxication which is .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC);  (5) signs of intoxication, (6) if legal impairment was present; (7) license suspension or license revocation, (8)  alcohol effects, (9) drug effects, (10) the traffic stop; and (11) whether the arrest was warrantless or with a warrant. Call The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today if you want to get good results at 616-438-6719!

Driving under the influence (DUI also sometimes called OWI) is one of the most frequently committed criminal offenses in the state of Michigan. Since this crime is committed so often in Michigan, many people charged with DUI make the mistake of taking their OWI case lightly. Because they take their case lightly, they don’t bother seeking representation.

Ottawa County DUI Defense Attorneys On Your Side

Good people can make mistakes and the Ottawa County DUI Defense Attorneys of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan understands this.  We will guide you every step of the way while working your case.  If you’re convicted of DUI, you will be facing jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service.  Your insurance rates will probably skyrocket and if you are looking for work, you may very well be denied employment.

With your future on the line, it is prudent hire us to help you understand:

  • your charges
  • understand your rights under the law
  • understand potential illegal police actions (not reading Miranda Rights)
  • figure out which defenses apply to your case.

Our Ottawa County DUI Defense Attorneys will make sure you understand these issues clearly. Our Ottawa County DUI Defense Attorneys will answer every single question you may have regarding your DUI case.

Here is a list of the courtrooms in Ottawa County where dui cases take place.

Some Circuit and District Courts in Ottawa County and elsewhere in Ottawa County

20th Circuit Court –  Grand Haven
414 Washington Avenue, Suite 300
Grand Haven, MI 49417
(616) 846-8320

58th District Court –  Grand Haven
414 Washington Avenue
Grand Haven, MI 49417
(616) 846-8280

58th District Court –  Holland
85 West 8th Street
Holland, MI 49423
(616) 392-6991

58th District Court –  Hudsonville
3100 Port Sheldon Road
Hudsonville, MI 49426
(616) 662-3100


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