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Misdemeanor criminal matters having the potential for a jail term of less than one year are handled by various district courts located throughout Ottawa County. High court misdemeanors and felony cases in Ottawa County are actually handled by the 20th Circuit Court. Additionally, the Circuit Court hears criminal appeals, including District Court appeals and administrative driver’s license appeals. The Ottawa County Courthouse is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at:

In Ottawa County, both misdemeanor and felony cases begin in the District Court. After arraignment and preliminary examination, felony cases are transferred to the Circuit Court — Michigan’s trial court. However, the preliminary examination (hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence to warrant a felony indictment) can be waived, resulting in an immediate transfer of the case to the Circuit Court. All traffic offenses that are classified as a misdemeanor or civil infraction are handled by the District Court.

The 58th District Court in Ottawa County consists of three courthouse locations, in Grand Haven, Holland and Hudsonville:

58th District Court
Grand Haven Courthouse
414 Washington Avenue Grand Haven, MI 49417

58th District Court
Holland Courthouse
85 West 8th Street Holland, MI 49423

58th District Court
Hudsonville Courthouse
3100 Port Sheldon Road Hudsonville, MI 49426

District Court Judges

Bradley S. Knoll Susan A. Jonas Craig E. Bruce Judy K. Mulder
Bradley S. Knoll
Chief Judge
Susan A. Jonas Craig E. Bunce Judy K. Mulder

You will find Judge Knoll and Judge Jonas at the Holland, District Court. Judge Bunce is going to be found at the Grand Haven District Court. Judge Mulder can be found at the Hudsonville, District Court. Once in a while, a district court judge might be found at a courthouse you would normally not expect to see them at. Judge Bunce was once at Hudsonville, District Court because Judge Mulder could not handle some cases on her docket because she had a potential conflict of interest.

In Ottawa County, all serious misdemeanor cases as well as capital felony and non-capital felony crimes are handled by the 20th Circuit Court – Trial Division, in Grand Haven, Michigan:

20th Circuit Court
Trial Division 
414 Washington Avenue, Suite 300 Grand Haven, MI 49417

Judges of Circuit Court

Jon A. Van Allsburg Jon H. Hulsing Kent D. Engle Karen J. Miedema
Jon A. Van Allsburg
Chief Circuit Judge
Jon H. Hulsing Kent D. Engle Karen J. Miedema

Judges Hulsing and Miedema handle most of the criminal cases in Ottawa County.  Judge Hulsing is a fair Judge and treats everyone in his courtroom with respect. Judge Miedema was recently elected as Judge, replacing Judge Post who retired. Judge Miedema used to be a member of the Ottawa County Prosecutor’s office. She has been reasonable and respectable to those in front of her courtroom.

Ottawa County has an Adult Drug Treatment Court. The Judge who is in charge of this Court is Mark Feyan.  The court is a voluntary one. It has an intensive program of probation that takes in defendants who are residents of Ottawa County. People who are taken into this intensive probation are those who are convicted of non-violence drug/alcohol felonies in the 20th Circuit Court of Ottawa County.

The ADTC has been open since 2005. The Adult Drug Treatment court has accepted over 250 people. It proudly states that it has a 70 percent graduation rate. The ADTC is able to have 35 participants at one time and takes at least 18 months to complete. This court is funded through grants from the Michigan State Court Administrative Office, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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