In the state of Michigan, Operating While Intoxicated 2nd offense is a misdemeanor.  In order to face an operating while intoxicated 2nd offense, a person must have a prior DUI or OWI conviction in the past 7 years. You will definitely want to hire a lawyer if you are facing an operating while intoxicated 2nd offense. The penalties are much tougher for a second offense.

Driving while under the influence in Michigan is a very serious charge and the punishments for a second offense are more severe. The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan will work hard with you to get you the best results possible.  Right after you get arrested for drunk driving, you should be thinking about how you are going to defend yourself against the charge. What will your strategy be? If you call Shawn today at 616-438-6719, he will give you the advice and guidance you need to get the best outcome possible. Local prosecutors, city attorneys, police officers and special interest groups will be doing everything they can to punish you!

Criminal Penalties for Operating While Intoxicated 2nd Offense

If convicted of a second OWI offense, the penalty you will be facing is between 5 days and 1 year in jail. Your driving privileges will be revoked for one year. You will not be guaranteed to get your driver’s license back after this one-year revocation. You will be facing fines in the thousands of dollars. Your vehicle may be immobilized or taken from you. You will be hammered with six points on your driver’s license.  Finally, you could be ordered to perform up to 90 days of community service.

When you hire me to represent you on your operating while intoxicated 2nd offense, I will immediatley get to work obtaining and then reviewing all the evidence against you. This means getting a police report, getting video from the body-cam and getting video from the dash-cam. After I have done this, I will then let you know if your case can legitimately be challenged. Nearly all drunk driving cases can be challenged, but that doesn’t mean it can be successfully challenged. One bad example of challenging a stop is when lawyers hold a hearing where a lot of the dash-cam video is played in court that clearly displays to the judge a client that is visibly intoxicated.

If you have received a 2nd DUI, you are a proven risk to drive drunk. A mistake happens once, if the same event happens again, it is a problem that needs to be addressed right away. The court system in West Michigan has an alcohol bias that your lawyer needs to fight. I will provide you with the steps needed to help you reduce that bias.

People that want to make excuses for their drinking problem that help us put things in perspective. There isn’t one single judge in all West Michigan courts, who aren’t aware that a person who is back in court for a second offense operating while intoxicated, has a drinking problem that needs to be tackled.  It’s those who simply don’t get it that help put things in perspective.  A person who doesn’t get it, and who didn’t hire an attorney to help them get, will tell the judge that they were just unlucky. This creates for their attorneys an almost impossible task of getting a West Michigan judge to believe they don’t have a drinking problem.

I always tell my clients to start getting treatment right away when they are in front of me for a 2nd offense OWI. You are setting yourself up for potential longer jail time if you do not do this. You also are setting yourself up for repeated failure if you refuse to deal with your problem.

Who do you think will have it easier in court for sentencing? The person who admits to the court they have a problem and that they have started treatment for their problem? Or the person who shows up to court and says maybe I have a problem or worse yet, I don’t have a problem? Common sense tells us the first person will have an easier time in court!

If your lawyer isn’t setting you up with rehab facilities, counseling and AA meetings, you need to consider retaining another attorney. Before you hire an attorney to represent you on any drunk driving related charge, you should ask the attorney what kind of help he can set you up with regarding treatment. I’m not just here to make money, though I enjoy making money, but I also really enjoy helping people better their lives. I have seen how counseling has done that for previous clients of mine!

Call me today at 616-438-6719! I’m attorney Shawn Haff and I would be happy to help guide you through the complex judicial system. I can help get you into effective treatment programs and get you the best results possible!

Please visit a local AA meeting if you are struggling with addiction to alcohol.

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