Michigan has some extremely harsh laws regarding the delivery and manufacture of Methamphetamine.  Michigan’s laws are also extremely tough regarding the operation or maintaining of a laboratory involving methamphetamine.  The article will go over the maximum punishments for these laws and what to do if you get arrested on any charge relating to methamphetamine.

According to MCL 333.7401c(2)(f) which is titled, controlled substance – operating/maintaining laboratory involving methamphetamine —  a person who did own, possess or use a vehicle, building, structure, place, or area that he or she knew or had reason to know was to be used or was intended to be used as a location to manufacture methamphetamine is guilty of a felony that is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.  Defendants are sometimes puzzled that they are charged with this crime when they busted with Meth and components used to make Meth in their car.  However, at the statue makes clear, a “vehicle” can be considered a laboratory.

According to MCL 333.7401(2)(b)(i), which is titled, controlled substance —  delivery/manufacture  — methamphetamine/ecstasy – a person who did possess with intent to deliver the controlled substance methamphetamine is guilty of a 20 year felony and a $25,000 fine.  A person doesn’t actually have to have the methamphetamine on them to be charged with this tough felony.  They could merely be in a car with methamphetamine and be charged for possession.

Prosecutor’s in Michigan take methamphetamine charges extremely seriously.  Judges punish people harshly when they plead guilty or are convicted by a jury of their peers to any charge related to methamphetamine.  If a person is convicted of two or more drug charges at the same time, the person must be given consecutive sentences.  This means a person convicted of two counts of delivery of methamphetamine and is sentenced to 7 years for both counts will end up serving 14 years in prison!  Normally, under concurrent sentencing, a person convicted of two counts and given seven years for each sentence will only get seven years in prison.

CPS and Methamphetamine Crimes

If you are caught cooking Methamphetamine in your home or if you are caught with Meth on property and children live there or spend time there you will be investigated by  Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and CPS may try to permanently revoke your parental rights. CPS takes all drug crimes very seriously and CPS workers will be diligently protecting the rights of children when their parents are using or cooking meth.  If either CPS or law enforcement is investigating you, you should seek out an attorney at The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan who defends those charged for Meth crimes.

Forfeiture of Real and Personal Property

Many Methamphetamine investigations and charges result of a raid on a person’s property or home. When this happens, local prosecutors will start a forfeiture case where they seek to steal your home, belongings and potentially your land.

Meth production creates a very toxic smelling odor. This is why so many meth labs are located in rural spots across Michigan.  A forfeiture case is not a criminal case. It is a civil case. This means you will be having court dates on your criminal charges and on the forfeiture case.

When you contact the Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan, you can expect to receive the full attention and professional service you deserve and need to take to help you fight your Meth charges. In order to build a potent case, Attorney Shawn Haff and the Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan will:

  • Examine the circumstances of your arrest in order to determine if the evidence against you was obtained properly and to make sure the police search warrant was not in violation of your constitutional rights
  • Identify if the police search for evidence was performed on you or on your property
  • Figure out if there was probable cause for the police to search your property
  • File a motion to suppress any evidence that was unconstitutional and violated your rights.

Anyone who gets arrested for any methamphetamine charges must hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to represent them.  Their liberty is at stake!  The state will pull out all their guns to go for a conviction and will try to hammer a defendant will maximum prison time at sentencing if the defendant pleas or is found guilty at trial.  If you are looking for good criminal defense attorneys,  ask them “how many cases have you handled regarding methamphetamine?”  Another important question to ask “is criminal defense all you practice as an attorney?”  Do you really want to hire someone who is a jack of all trades instead of someone who only focuses on criminal defense?  Never hire a public defender as you have no idea what kind of customer service you might get because of their busy schedule.  After you do your homework on defense attorneys, hire the you feel most comfortable dealing with.

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