Hiring The Right Attorney for Your OWI Can Happen If you Avoid These Mistakes.

When you are working on hiring the right attorney for your OWI, you need to avoid these mistakes.  A crucial mistake people make when they are looking to hire an attorney is making a quick decision. These people hire the very first person they talk to. Or, these people may hire the first person willing to take their case without having the attorney talk with them about their case and explore the options available to the person.

I understand that people can be emotional, worried, concerned and scared when facing an OWI charge. But do not let this valid emotional response compel you to make another poor choice. Call Shawn today at 616-438-6719! The call is free! Let Shawn give you an honest assessment of your case and tell you what he can do for you!

When you meet an attorney, engage with them. You need to make sure they have the skills and knowledge needed to help you get the best results possible! Attorney Shawn Haff and The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan have the attorneys you need to get you the best results possible.

Shouldn’t I just admit responsibility for my actions and hope the court goes easy on me?

No! A client must vigorously fight their first DUI charge, or any other criminal charge. I’ve seen people get hit with harsher penalties and more criminal convictions then they should have because they just went in and pled guilty right away. If they had hired a good attorney, this would have never happened!

Is There Anything Else A Person Might Want To Keep In Mind When Hiring An Attorney For DUI?

Hire an attorney who keeps it real with you! I have heard of many attorneys who promise the world to someone in order to get a client to sign their retainer. Be skeptical of these lawyers who promise you the world. You are facing serious criminal charges when you are arrested for OWI. The picture for you isn’t going to be all roses and sunshine. There is going to be some pain.

Not all cases will receive the same outcome, even if your lawyer does a great job!

Over and over again, I hear people tell me that their friend got this sentence or got this plea deal. They then explain to me that they expect the same result.

Each case has a different set of facts and different facts can lead to different results. It will be easier to get a better plea deal if your bac is .09 instead of .30. It will be easier to get a better plea deal if you didn’t get in an accident and it will be easier to get a plea deal if you are polite with the arresting officer.

If you have any other questions on hiring the right attorney for your OWI, call Shawn today at 6t16-438-6719.

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