We understand that hard working and good people may have made a bad choice. We understand that people all make mistakes. We don’t judge you. We are here to help you! We are felony and misdemeanor defense lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan who take pride in helping the good and hardworking people of West Michigan find their way through the complicated and intimidating maze that is known as the criminal justice system. Our hardworking Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys know how to get you results!

You have nothing to lose by calling The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan. The initial consultation is free! We have represented those accused of crimes in all West Michigan courts for many years. We have the Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys who will point out to you the strengths and weaknesses of your case and set a course to get you the best possible outcome to your case. Our Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys won’t judge you! Our Grand Rapids DUI Defense attorneys are there for you 24/7.

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Our Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys have handled a lot of cases in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Grand Rapids has a high rate of drunk driving accidents and fatalities as a result of the expansive highway system, which includes I-96, I-196, US 31, if you get arrested and charged with a DUI and do not retain an experienced Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys, you are complicating an already complicated situation regarding your traffic crime.

Guiding Grand Rapids citizens in a confusing world of overzealous prosecutors, hostile law enforcement officers, and intimidating judges. Our expert Grand Rapids DUI defense lawyers and attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan can aggressively defense you in all West Michigan courts!

Grand Rapids has a number of college campuses and universities, including the Baker College, Grand Valley State University, Calvin College and Davenport University, Grand Rapids police officers are on constant alert to safeguard against drunk drivers.  Our Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys won’t rest until you get the best results possible!

Why do you need an Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys from The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan?

Because our Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys know the judges, prosecutors and the law!  We know the tricks the local Ottawa county prosecutors and police officers play to get people to appear guilty of dui in Ottawa count.  Finally, we have the Grand Rapids Michigan DUI lawyers who will always look at: (1) the issue of drunk driving, (2) intoxicated driving, (3) impaired driving, (4) legal intoxication which is .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC);  (5) signs of intoxication, (6) if legal impairment was present; (7) license suspension or license revocation, (8)  alcohol effects, (9) drug effects, (10) the traffic stop; and (11) whether the arrest was warrantless or with a warrant. Call The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan today if you want to get good results at 616-438-6719!  Our Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys will take your call and work hard to earn your trust!

According to Michigan law, the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for drivers who are over 21 is .08. Anyone who gets busted for driving with a BAC over .08 or higher will be charged with operating while intoxicated.  In Michigan, there is a Zero Tolerance law. This law makes it a crime for drivers who are under 21 to drive with a BAC above .02. Michigan also has a Super Drunk law. This law hammers people with tougher penalties if their BAC at or above .17.  A third offense DUI is a felony!

BAC is determined by a urine, blood or breath, blood test. People who refuse to submit to a chemical test can still be charged with drunk driving and face all the penalties that come with a drunk driving conviction such as a suspended drivers license. Anyone convicted of impaired or intoxicated driving faces possible jail time, fines and court costs. These people can also expect to face a driver’s license sanction.

How Our Grand Rapids DUI Defense Attorneys Handle DUI Cases

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan treats each client who retrains us as an individual. Our firm doesn’t agree to represent everyone that walks in our door. We want to have a great working relationship with our clients. We believe in treating the “whole person.” We are not interested in just treating the symptom.  Our attorneys will explore what is going on in your life and get to the bottom of what caused your DUI arrest. If a person is battling addiction, we can guide them on the path to take to battle addiction.

Our results show our ability to handle dui cases. Everyone client has a different definition of what success is in their case.  At the initial interview process, we will go over with you different ways to achieve your goals in the case and discuss how you define success.

Because of the reasons listed above, it is extremely important that you contact Shawn today at 616-438-6719.

If you are having issues with addiction, please consider reading this article from WebMD.

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