Because the war on drugs has been in the news a lot recently, drug usage and the negative impact of drugs has been on the minds of the American public for a while. If you are arrested for possession of any drug, you need to know that Attorney Shawn Haff of The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan can give you the legal Drug Possession Help you need to get the best results possible. Do not face these serious charges alone! Here are a few ways a good defense lawyer can give you the drug possession help you need from a skilled legal mind.

  1. Shawn understands the law

Laws against drugs are changing all over the country. It is legal in Colorado and Michigan now to use marijuana recreationally. However, in most of the United States, it is not legal to do so. It is also still against federal law to be in possession of marijuana. In Michigan, it is still illegal to be in possession of marijuana if you are under the age of 21.  Good defense attorneys will explain the law to you clearly and let you know exactly what the maximum punishments are that you may be facing.

  1. Shawn will make sure the charge in accordance with Michigan law. 

If you are facing a possession of drug charge, a person must know that they were in fact in possession of an illegal narcotic. A person also has to be aware of the fact they are in possession of the drug. If a police officer finds drugs in your house, if you were not aware of this fact, Shawn will prove this to a prosecutor or a jury if your case goes to trial. Shawn will also make sure the search warrant was valid and follow proper procedure.

Not only do they understand the law, but they also understand how the prosecution works. They know that drug possession charges tend to not be as high of a priority as some other types of cases. A good defense lawyer will use that to their advantage to see if they can work out some sort of a deal.

  1. Shawn works for you, not the government. 

When you hire Shawn to work for you, he will do what he can to help your case. He will always stay in touch with you every step of the way. He will have your best interest in mind and advise you what steps you need to take during your journey through the legal system.  Shawn knows how the prosecutor’s think and he will not let them run all over you.

4. Shawn will make sure your mind is at ease every step of the way. 

Facing a charge for drug possession is sure to put a lot of stress on your mind. You are required to be at numerous court dates, stay off of alcohol, deal with a lot of paperwork and may lose your job. Why would you want to go through this alone? Shouldn’t you have a tough criminal defense attorney by your side? Guiding you every step of the way? If you are looking for drug possession help, call Shawn now for a free consultation as 616-438-6719!

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