At The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan, we have represented numerous people charged with various crimes related to drugs. Attorney Shawn Haff is a drug crime lawyer who knows how to get you the best results possible when you are facing incarceration from the possession of drugs or delivery of narcotics.  Do not face these charges alone! You could lose your driving privileges, a chance at money for college and your freedom! Call Shawn now at 616-438-6719! The call is free and Shawn is a drug crime lawyer you need on your side when your quality of life is on the line!

There can be no doubt that Michigan prosecutor’s and judges take drug offenses of all kinds very seriously.  Judge Mark Trusock, for example in Kent County, hammers people convicted of drug charges.

Drug abuse and sales are considered to be a major problem in society today. Because of this, anyone who is convicted of a drug crime will face harsh penalties. These penalties can be long-term incarceration and high monetary fines. The impacts of a drug conviction will be long-lasting and negative on a person’s future.

Having an experienced, tough drug crime lawyer who knows the law in Michigan will save you a lot of potential heartache in the future. We have the lawyers you need to get the best results possible!

Drug Crime Lawyer in Michigan

There is a list of drug offenses that are listed under Michigan law. Some of these charges include:

  1. Drug distribution and sale
  2. Possession of cocaine
  3. Possession of heroin
  4. Possession of ecstasy
  5. Cultivation and manufacture of drugs
  6. Possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver of sell
  7. Illegal transport of drugs
  8. Drug trafficking.

There are solid defenses to these charges. This is why you need an experienced drug crime lawyer who understands Michigan law and local prosecutors and judges. Shawn and his team of lawyers know how to get you the best results possible!

Conviction Consequences

Under Mich. Comp. Laws § 333.7413, people who are convicted a second or subsequent time are facing mandatory life in prison! They are also facing huge financial costs in the form of fines from the court.

A person who has a drug offense will find it hard to pass background checks when looking for work. A person who is convicted of a drug offense will probably not be allowed to volunteer at their child’s school.

Professional licenses will probably be revoked. If you have custodial arrangments, the court may modify it. There will be a loss of respect from your friends and neighbors. Because of this, you need to call an experienced drug crime lawyer like Shawn now at 616-438-6719.

Building a Drug Defense With Your Drug Crime Lawyer

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan knows that many drug charges are the results of a search that violates the constitution. When we see these types of violations, there is a good chance the charges will be dropped or reduced. The fruit of the poisonous tree bars prosecutor’s from using the evidence gathered from a bad search that violates a person’s civil rights.

Preparing to Meet with a Criminal Attorney

Before your first meeting, Attorney Shawn Haff advises you to consider what skills you want in your drug crime lawyer. A lawyer you want on your side should be a lawyer who has:

  • Experience representing other clients who have been hit with similar charges
  • A strategy to help you get the best results possible.
  • Good judgement and sound practical advice.
  • A reasonable, but not cheap, legal fee

Attorney Shawn Haff and his team of lawyers can provide you with these skills. Call Shawn now at 616-438-6719!