The Criminal Defense Law Centre of West Michigan handles only criminal law cases throughout all West Michigan courts. Criminal law cases are based on a body of rules that proclaim what is unacceptable conduct to our society. Conduct that harms, threatens or puts others at risk are examples of conduct that these rules are designed to protect. The United States of America has had some of the most disturbing criminal cases in the word.

The Salem witch trials are perhaps the most famous early criminal law case. People were sentenced to death by hanging. One man was crushed to death by the weight of heavy stones. The in middle 1800’s we had President Abraham Lincoln get assassinated. We all remember John Wilkes Booth, but most people forget there were four other convicted conspirators. In the 1900’s Bobby Kennedy, John Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated.

Another famous example of criminal cases dealt with the Mafia during prohibition. During this time, violent crime was up because mafia members were fighting for territory to sell booze.  Getting a conviction against mafia members can be difficult. Federal prosecutors had to have a jury trial three times before they could convict John Gotti. Gotti was found guilty of racketeering and the murder of Paul Castellano.

Ted Bundy was famous for his sexual assault and murder of women. Ted Bundy attempted to represent himself. Jeffrey Dahmer is famous for crimes of murder mutilation and cannibalization of males. Dahmer’s defense team claimed insanity but a jury found him guilty. He was given 15 life sentences. However, he would brutally killed in prison.

John Wayne Gacy made a living as pogo the clown. He seemed like a nice guy but murdered over 33 teenage boys and young men. Many of his victims were buried in his home while other victims were found at a nearby river. Gaacy was executed by lethal injection in 1994.

Charles Manson was a cult leader and ordered his members to engage in murder. Mason was known for his X on his forehead. The Manson family trial was all over the news at the time of the trial.  Here are some other famous trials in American history:

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