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Baptist Principle Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct

Benjamin David Franklin II, the principal of Munising Baptist Church, Wetmore who pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal sexual conduct against a female student aged between 16 and 18 has been sentenced to between 5 and 15 years in prison. The Baptist principle Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct was fired from his job.

The accused charged with the sex crime has been in custody since June when his bond was revoked after attempting to contact his victim.

In a statement read by defense attorney Karl Numinen in court, “While I know the relationship was wrong, I did pursue Ben as well, and he did not force me to do anything.” stated the student he had sexual relations with.

“He accepted responsibility and essentially confessed,” said Numinen. “My client’s family is here, who supports him, but believe me, 36 months in prison is a harsh punishment.”

The Baptist principle Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct is currently serving his sentence.

These types of criminal charges are taken very seriously by all West Michigan prosecutors. They will try to hammer you with stiff fines and long prison sentences when it comes to these types of charges. We have watched many families get torn apart by long prison sentences because people refuse to follow reason and take a good plea deal. We have seen people foolishly risk trial when a plea deal was their best option and go to prison for 30 years! Hire lawyers you can trust when you are facing these kinds of criminal charges.

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