Defending DUI Charges in West Michigan

Getting arrested for DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a terrifying experience.  Many people who get arrested for DUI are worried about going to jail or prison and wonder what will happen to their driving privileges if they are convicted at trial or enter a guilty plea.   Many people are also extremely worried about losing their job.

DUI is the number one cause of alcohol related accidents and injuries on highways.  Because of this, many states in America have zero tolerance for DUI, but the punishments for getting busted with a DUI vary. The government has decided that anyone with a blood alcohol content of over .08% or .08 grams per 100 milligrams of blood is guilty of DUI.

All DUI charges, misdemeanor or felony, need to be taken seriously.  A person arrested for DUI faces high fines, suspension of their driver’s license and jail or prison time.  A person arrested for a DUI should hire a good DUI attorney.  This doesn’t mean you need to pay an attorney 10k to represent you.  There are plenty of good DUI attorneys who will take your case at an affordable rate.

A good DUI attorney knows what kind of defenses you may have in your particular case.  For example, did the police officer have a valid reason to pull you over?  Where the field sobriety tests done correctly?  Was the administration of the portable breathalyzer test done correctly?  Was the portable breathalyzer test equipment working properly?  Were the procedures at the blood test laboratory followed correctly? Was the accused actually the driver?  Does the driver have the defense of necessity or duress?

Finally, a good DUI attorney will give you piece of mind that you are getting the best results possible.  Prosecutors will not hesitate to strong arm a person charged with a crime into pleading guilty at their arraignment.  Prosecutor’s will not hesitate to strong arm a person charged with a crime into taking a plea deal that is not in the defendant’s best interest.  A good DUI attorney can prevent you from being strong armed by the prosecutor.  A good DUI attorney maybe able to strong arm the prosecutor into offering you a much better deal than a defendant would have gotten without a good DUI attorney.  A good DUI attorney knows how comb over the evidence to find weak points in the prosecutor’s case and how to enhance the strong points of the defendant’s case.